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Posted by lisa on July 11, 2000 at 13:16:09:

I just finished reading Cathy Hainer journal. It has certainly answer some of my many questions. My mother- in- law found a lump September of 99 but was to scared to tell anyone .
In febuary of this year she started visiting the many doctors. She decided to opt for a lumpectomy. However during the sugery the doctor came out and said the there was a lot more
cancer than he expected. He closed her up and sent her home. Later the decision for a mascetomy was made. She was told that she should have the reconstruction at the same time
The op was done the reconstruction done. She was told that she would have to the doctor to have the saline solution injected in the inplant untill normal size of the breast was accomplish.
She stayed three days in the hospital. She seemed to have lots of trouble breathing and was given a breathing apparatus to help her breath. When she got home she got extreamly high
fevers. On her next visit the plastic surgeon said he did like the way she was healing but he just cleaned the area and she was sent home, she continue with the fever and still had trouble
breathing.(she had mention this tio Him) On her next visit she was told that there was an infection and they would have to do another surgery to scrape the area. The day of the surgery
she had enough of the implant and wanted it out convinced that it was the reason the she was having difficulty breathing. After this episode she visited her doctor who told her that her
that she had a late stage 3 Early stage 4 and that of the 8 lymph nodes removed 5 was positive. she took the new as could be expected. went on seeing different doctors ,doing multiple test
to do chemo. her chemo would be aggressive once a week every three week rest period and another set. Finally the day for the chemo arrived then the shock No chemo because her heart is not strong enough. But they send her for another heart test.
It has been four months scince the inital op started to look at her she seem fine. she wait to do another test of the heart to see if thert is a chance she can still do the chemo. why has she waiting four months and why no chemo

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