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Posted by Sari on July 14, 2000 at 20:14:03:

In Reply to: Re: small cell lung....Sari posted by diana on July 14, 2000 at 17:06:35:

: : I have read your messages and am impressed. Are you now considered cancer free. I was diagnosed with small cell in both lungs in 1993. I took 6 months of carboplatin and VP16 with decadron for nausea. The tumors shrank but spots were still there. My doctor said it could be scar tissue. In 1995 he said it looked like it was growing so I went with 6 more of the same chemo. 1997 he said since the spots where still there and seemed to be growing again I should have more chemo. This time Taxol and cisplatin 6 months. Since then I have changed my health habits.
: : I take mega vitamins, herbs and eat plently of fruits and veggies. I am doing well and feel very healtly even though the spots are still there. Did your tumors completely disapear or are you considered in remission due to no growth as I am? Shari

: shari, i hope you dont mind me asking you a few questions. my mother was diagnosed with small cell in january went through 4 cycles of chemo and we were told the same thing that she was in remission. her tumors are no longer there, but something is visible. they said it might be scar tissue from all her radiation. what kind of followup care have you had for checking? one doc says just go by symptons, because catscans are too sensentive and will pick up everything and cause unnecessary alarm, another says catscans every three months. what do the 2 of you do? Did either of you get prophylatic brain radiation? One doc says she definatley should have it, another says shes too old and may suffer nuro side effects. she has to make up her mind on this within a month, or she can't have it at all. if you had it, what were your side effects? i'd be very appreciative for any response.

Amazing that you should ask about this today. Just came back from having a Catscan. Apparently, this is a common dilemma: are spots picked up by scans old scars or cancer? I have spots that show, and, luckily, I also have a report from a lung x-ray taken in '91 at a hospital where I was having a cone biopsy after a poor Pap smear report. No connection to the SCLC at all. So that is proof that I do have some old scars.

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