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Posted by Lurdes on July 14, 2000 at 22:14:25:


I am a daily participant in Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma (NHL) msg boards since last August when my husband (41y) was diagnosed with Follicular NHL, mix cells, stage IV. There is no cure for this type of lymphoma. To try to make a difference I have been searching daily the net and scientific journals. I also joint some advocacy groups (LFRA, CLL, LLA). Recently, others and I formed a new group Lymphoma Action Alliance. We have formed a new group called the Lymphoma Action Alliance (at, which will work to ensure that all cancer patients have access to the best and least toxic treatment when it is needed.

We believe that the following bill is an important step to improve treatment of all people with cancer. Please take the time to read it!

The Access to Medical Treatment Act (AMTA) bill has been in committee, in both the House and the Senate, for ten months. AMTA has strong bipartisan support: the House bill has 40 co-sponsors, for example. The House & Senate bills are identical. If passed by both houses, AMTA would allow a doctor and his patient to decide what is the best treatment for his condition and will allow a patient to receive it even if it still in clinical trials. We believe that this bill is an important step to improve treatment of all people with cancer and we are asking members of congress to support it. Please see our letter below (more information and access to the full text bill at

Please participate: ask your congressman to support this bill, it may save your life. Also, sent it to familiars and friends and ask them to support our fight.

Together we can make a difference,


PS: Here are 2 examples from real life that show the importance of passing this bill.
1- Stan's mother was dying from cancer. Stan's wanted his mom to try an antiangiogenic drug, but that was not available. He decided that she should try thalidomide (an old antiangiogenic drug), however it was not FDA approved for her type of cancer. No doctor will prescribe it… After several months of suffering, disease progression and a discharge from the hospital with a sentence of death, Stan found a doctor that prescribed Thalidomide. Stan's mother is doing well now ~ 1 year after being discharge from the hospital. Read the full story at
2- Part of a letter from my friend Trudi:" When Bruce's NHL was transforming, he had 7 different doctors at 7 different hospitals tell him that the best treatment for him would be Bexxar - *IF* he could get it. He tried for the multi-center clinical trial but didn't qualify because the protocal required that you had to fail 2 different chemos. Bruce HAD failed 2 different chemos - high dose Cytoxan & Pred., and then Leukeran - BUT, they considered those to be too similar to count as 2 different types of chemo. This made NO sense to us!! (His disqualification was based on a technicality, not for medical reasons). Bruce then tried for Dr. Press' trial using high dose Bexxar, followed by a stem cell transplant. He didn't qualify for that because his marrow involvement was too high (this requirement is for medical reasons, so his disqualification made sense to us). He then tried for, and got into, a randomized trial using Bexxar vs a plain antibody. He was assigned the plain antibody. " If the bill was approved at that time Bruce could get Bexxar.

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