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Posted by Shari on July 17, 2000 at 17:14:26:

In Reply to: Re: Diana's problem posted by diana on July 16, 2000 at 23:08:11:

: : : : Diana, I did not have any radiation. I do know that many doctor's believe in preventitive brain radiation. My doctor never mentioned it, and we have not discussed it. Has your mother gotten a second opinion from a cancer center such as Sloan Kettering in NY orAnderson in Texas? Such a difficult decision. Best wishes to you both.

: : : she lives in a small town, and wants to be treated at home, but we did get her into a good sc trial 4 hours away from her house, she has one more vaccine to go and has to make up her mind before a month has gone by from her last shot.
: : : i saw your quary to shari, my mom had those needle biopsies. she was awake, but sedated for both. the first one didn't bother her because she had enough sedation, but the second one was a different guy at a larger hospital, who didn't give her enough sedation and it was uncomfortable going down.(sorry, hope that dosen't scare you) he let my dad sit right in the room with him as he did it.thanks for posting, i know i kind of intruded.

: : Diana, I did not have any radiation of any kind either. I think I insist on a brain scan before I agreed to brain radiation. I have had 2 catscans and 2 bonescans and both came back fine except for the lungs of course. What are the needle biopsy's about and how do they do it. When I was first diagnosed I had needle biopsy of the lungs, they went in from my back into the lung into the tumor to find out what type is was. Shari

: shari, for her biopsys they went in through her airway with a guided lens and took a sample of the tumors with the needle, there was no incision, because they had a camera. every doctor tells you something different with this disease, we are concerned bcause she is 65 brain radiation may worsen the quality of her life(one doc told us the older you are the more symptons) but other doc's say if it comes back it comes back in the brain. we are trying to contact the guy who initated her cancer study (it started at sloan kettering, but is now nationwide) and see if brain radiation is really necessary with having done these vaccanations. she has a worthless oncologist in a small town who won't help our family at all.(too busy playing golf)ha! He told my dad if it made me feel better to get a cancer trial, go for it, but they were a waste of time. In the one she is in 11 out of the original 12 test group still have not regressed with a second comeback of the cancer. i am rambling. sorry, thanks for letting me vent.
Diana, no problem vent all you want. I have wanted to vent quite a few times but my family doesn't want to hear what I want to say. When I start I hear don't talk like that. So, what kind of chemo is your mother getting. I too am in a small town but my oncologist comes from the city every tues and thurs. You can e-mail me at [email protected] and we can talk more in depth. I had a broncioscope done but they couldn't reach the tumors so I had the biopsy done from the back into the lung. How long has she had the cancer? Is she doing fine? I'll keep you all in my prayers. Did she have any symptoms? I didn't, my chiropractor found mine . Shari

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