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Posted by Barb Dawson on July 18, 2000 at 19:18:20:

My brother has a type of cancer that is rare and there is no known treatment to stop it. Presently he is undergoing radiation and chemotherapy.
I would like to explain his condition and type of cancer to everyone I can reach in hopes that someone somewhere has seen his type of condition or something similar that may help in the treatment of his cancer.
He was born with a myelomeningosele (cyst on his lower back, which contains part of the spinal cord and nerves). He has always had some degree of paralysis. He also had a urostomy when he was a child and had ulcers on his feet due to low circulation.
In November of 1997, he had his right leg amputated and also had a colostomy performed. The amputation took place because of an ulcer on his foot that didn't heal and the infection went through the body. He made a miraculous recovery considering his condition.
In September of 1999 he went into the hospital for what we thought was a hernia, but turned out to be an infection in the groin. They also found a suspicious tissue on one of the lymph nodes. They did a biopsy and it was cancer - Squamous Cell Carcinoma. Many CT Scans and tests were run looking for a primary source. None was ever found.
In January of 2000 he underwent a 9 hour surgery to remove cancer from the groin area. Radiation began. Four weeks into radiation they found a large amount of cancer in the right buttock. Still the origin of the cancer was unknown. Also, during radiation, blisters started popping up on his legs. This was biopsied and was cancer also. The treatment he is now receiving will not stop it, but at least, hopefully, will slow it down as it is metastizing at an alarming speed.
Many physicians have looked at this case and not one of them has ever seen a case like his. It is a rare condition.
If anyone has any information on a condition like this, or even similar, that might add some insight or aid in his treatment, please e-mail me at [email protected]

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