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Posted by Thomas J, edited on July 20, 2000 at 03:50:02:

In Reply to: Re: chemo posted by Thomas J on July 11, 2000 at 19:02:14:

: : Please help my mother in law has breast cancer and was due to stsrt her chemo today.
: : She was told that she could not because her heart was not srtong enough. She was to begin
: : aggressive treatment. Someone please explain?
: Im sorry that your mom has breast cancer,but you can be sure that it is a blessing that she could not begin chemo! The simple answer to your question I believe is this.Chemo(taxol)is very strong and dangerous poison.In its attempt to kill cancer cells it kills many more good cells because it can not identify good from bad cells.This in turn knocks down the immune system.If the chemo manages to kill the tumor without killing the person first,the cancer usually returns with a vengeance and spreads throughout the body.The truth is chemo has been a failure for some 60 years now.You can actually download incriminating test results from research conducted by the NCI(national cancer institute)that showed that Cancell(a chemical compound)was safer and much more effective than chemo(taxol).Another wonderful alternative to chemo is North pole uni-pole magnetic therapy.Cancer cannot exist in a strong magnetic field,notes K.E.MaClean,M.D. of New York.Many people today are treating themselves for cancer with biomagnets and are realizing great success in very good time (3-6 mos.) many have been diagnosed NO DETECTABLE CANCER.And then theres Dr. Donsbachs' Hospital Santa Monica in Rosarito Beach in Mexico that is exhibiting a 50%+ success rate for terminally ill cancer patients and much higher for those not terminally ill.He is using a wholistic approach including bio-magnetics,Rife Frequency,Ozone Therapy,Immune Stimulation,U.V. Blood Irridiation,Hyperthermia,Thymus Therapy,Dietary Modification,etc.
if it where my own mom that had breast cancer,she would not take chemo that is a very dangerous poison.She would be treating herself at home with bio-magnets,Cancell,and a good diet for the immune system.
Ask the doctors for their success rates using chemo and you will see what a failure it is.The good news is that she can avoid the pain and suffering associated with chemo and have a much better chance of being cured using what we in America call alternative therapy.Last I heard our healthcare system rated about 35th worldwide,and that was on the Fox news channel.Theres no denying that the phamaceutical companies are running the healthcare system,and its going downhill fast.Its all about PROFIT.Im sorry that this is troubling to learn,but you most certainly have a right to know.
: May God bless,
: Thomas J.

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