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Posted by Shari on July 24, 2000 at 19:50:43:

In Reply to: Re: Taxol/Carboplatin Second Cycle posted by Natalie on July 24, 2000 at 16:57:23:

: : I would like to hear from anyone that has any information about how you or someone you are taking care of reacted to the second cycle of Taxol/ Carboplatin.

: : My 79 year old mother was diagnosed with Carcinoma of Unknown Primary five weeks ago. She has multiple involvement throughout her body including lung (NSCLC), liver, bone and colon. She completed her first cycle of Taxol, Carboplatin and VP-16 (Etoposide)and experienced severe side-effects. She made a decision not to continue with the chemotherapy but her Oncologist convinced her that she would be able to tolerate a second cycle by waiting an additional week and leaving off the VP-16. In my opinion her first treatment came close to killing her. By the tenth day she was very non-responsive, could not walk, slurred speach and White Blood Count was .49 from 11,000 when we started. We are scheduled to take the second treatment tomorrow and she is still unable to get out of bed for more than twenty minutes twice daily.

: : I have read over and over that the second cycle of chemotherapy is harder than the first and I fear that it will me too much for her. Can anyone shed any light on what I should expect from what we are about to do?

: : Respectfully,

: : John

: John,
: My mother is on her second time around on Taxol and it is much harder on her. The other day she had to get two quarts of blood because her
: count was too low. I worry some times that she will not be able to complete this round of chemo.

: Best Wishes,
: Natalie

John, I would say that it depends on the health of your mother. Was she in good health going into the chemo? Or was she weak because of the cancer? I am much younger than your mother ,53.I had small cell lung cancer and had Taxol and carboplatin 3 years ago. I was in very good health to begin with and it was very hard. I became very weak after each session. Couldn't eat for two weeks, just laid on the couch and only did what was necessary for me to do. The next two weeks I started to feel better, but never fully, right before the next session. I had two previous rounds of chemo prior to the last. They were carboplatin and vp16. They are very potent chemicals and the three together, hmmm? Maybe she will be better able to stand just the two. Taxol and carbo. It is a difficult decision. Either way you are taking a chance on your life. I truly know how your mother feels about not doing it again. I felt that way several times. If she goes the second time keep everyone away from her until her count goes back up. I wound up in the hospital a few times because of a simple cold. I don't mean to scare you, but this will truly take a toll on you and your family. I will keep you in my prayers. God Bless you and your mother. Shari

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