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Posted by Rick on July 29, 2000 at 19:49:20:

In Reply to: Re: to thomasj why are you so angry posted by Thomas J. on July 13, 2000 at 13:20:21:

: : i noticed in your posts you are quite angry towards conventional medicine. have you lost someone to a disease that you loved? if you mean we should have national health insurance i totally agree. have you NEVER seen anyone helped my conventional medicine? to say you wouldn't send an enemy to our health system is harsh. are you a us citizen? my experiance tells me your post will come back with anger, or you don't even need to answer me, i am just curious. i think the wether you go conventional or alternative depends upon the individaul situation and the type of really need to know what the cancer is and can do before you advize. yes i know chemo kills.
: Dear Rosalita, I apologize for my negative attitude toward our US health care system.I have lost my aunt to cancer,and know that she suffered terribly at the hands of conventional doctors from their surgerys,radiation,and CHEMO.At the time I was young and thought the cancer killed her.I know know otherwise, and cant help being angry about this legal murder for profit that is backed by our govt.When I was about 8 yrs. old i was burned in a fire and had 2nd and 3rd degree burns on my face,arms,and legs.My regular doctor told my dad to take me home and put me in a tub of lukewarm water.Gave my dad some drugs for the pain that didnt help much.Next morning we where all shocked at how severe the burns where,and I was so ugly with blisters that I couldnt believe it was me in the mirror.Couldnt stand to look in a mirror.My doctor really should have sent me to a trauma burn unit for immediate care,but I was too young to know that at the time.I am now 41 and have learned a lot about our healthcare system and pharmeceutical drugs.It is very alarming to say the least.Heres from a 1997 New York Times bestseller "Each year more than 1 million americans have to be hospitalized because of adverse drug reactions,61,000people get drug induced parkinsonism,etc,etc...". This is not to say there arnt some good dotors out there,and that all pharmeceutical drugs are bad athough for the most part there are much safer and more effective natural alternatives,that really shouldnt be called ALTERNATIVES but should be mainstream as they are in counties with better healthcare systems than ours.Have you noticed of late that almost every other commercial on tv is for some newfangled drug with side effects worse than the problem but no promise of cure.We are become a nation of drug addicts and pushers of legal prescription drugs! I do however have to say that conv. doctors have helped me plenty in my life in the E.R. and that I have great repect for trauma doctors.I thank God for them,and for the knowledge,wisdom and tools to take care of most other problems and health conditions of my family and self without doctors.I wont dwell on the negative,but i just want people to see whats going on for their own good.I dont do this very often because im too busy working my regular jobs,one of which is promoting the energy medicine of tomorrow that is here today.We are using it with unbelievable success. It is called North pole uni-pole magnetic therapy,and it can help the body to heal almost anything at any stage.Its been a year since we started using it and we are still amazed.Surely this must be Gods medicine,and we are all very grateful for it.There are so many wonderful natural ways and means to heal,and i just wish more poeple could know about them.Again i apologize for the anger.I will go back to my work now and be happy and positive.I wish you much peace and love in your life,and especially the love of Jesus and God.
: Sincerely, Thomas J.

Thomas, from what I read above, you are doing a good job. I haven't read any of the other things that you have wrote, as I'm also busy with my normal job. Keep the pressure on them. Don't let up.

Although there are many fine medical professionals out there, we are still surrounded by a medical system in the United States that emphasizes expensive treatment with drugs or surgery, rather than preventative care. If there was more emphasis on preventative care, with natural diet and exercise etc., there would be a lot less illness, including painful and costly cancer.

Natural herbs are also very beneficial, but are not thoroughly researched in the United States. We have become a money-oriented society, and if there is no or little money in herbs or other alternative proven low cost medical treatment, then it is not pursued or understood in professional US medical circles.

Where are they, who put God and the love of their fellow man in front of money? Where are they, that are more concerned about their patients, than any monetary reward?

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