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Posted by jerry on August 02, 2000 at 18:55:49:

In Reply to: Re: To Rosalita posted by rosilita on August 01, 2000 at 14:25:53:

: : Dear Rosalita:

: : I have read many of your notes, and you seem to be very deeply committed to helping people. You also seem to be quite well versed on chemotherapies. Are you a nurse? I would like to invite you to look at, and if you are impressed, to possibly visit their clinic, meet the doctors, and talk to some of the patients. Their core therapies include Insulin Induced Hypoglycemic therapy, Dendritic Cell therapy, and Anti-angiogenesis, among numerous others. They are getting extremely good results, and would be grateful for any means of getting the word out as possible.
: jerry, i am not foolish enough to think i can tell a peson what to do about their cancer as i don't know the case over the internet, but i post info for the following two reasons. first, a year ago i got a piece of information over the internet that connected us to a very rare and talented doctor whom we beleive will manage our daughters rare geneetic condition, and give her a chance of living a normal life span. if not for this person over the internet we would have never found this doctor. secondly, i think the chemo doctors are very narrow minded beleving their only duties is first and second line therapy, and if either of those don't help a person, they get basically abandoned. these doctors are way too cold for my experiance.There is a lot of information that is never spread to the cancer patients, which should by right come via their doctors, but dosen't. i will look at your web site again, and if i ever plan on traveling that way i will post for you. i am going to the southwest in late fall, but your clinics are in mexico only, is that incorrect?

Hello Rosalita,

I am sorry to hear of your daughter. We have a clinic in Tijuana (about 20 minutes from San Diego), and one in Germany. There will be more in the near future. They would welcome a visit from you. The BioPulse clinic has become the number two clinic in Mexico in a mere 18 months. It is better equipped than the hospitals there, and the therapies are getting real results. I truly believe that you, being the sincere and caring person that you obviously are, should make a point of learning more about this.

My email address is [email protected] Let me know if you plan to visit and I will arrange for the Director, Mr. Swensen to show you around.


Jerry Coleman

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