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Posted by Maggie on August 02, 2000 at 20:53:19:

In Reply to: Thanks everyone for the advice. posted by Maggie C. on July 02, 2000 at 02:59:08:

: : : Maggie,
: : : I am so sorry that you and your mother are having to go through this. My husband has SCLC, diagnosed 4/99; he is 55. I honestly don't know if he was older, whether he would have taken the same stance as your mother. He has fought tooth and nail, and so far, he's winning. I won't say there weren't times that he wanted to give up, but for the most part he has had a good quality of life. He had two brain tumors and two lung
: : tumors at time of diagnosis, so he's been through a lot. As far as your Mom's pain, she shouldn't be having to deal with this. Why isn't she on Morphine? As far as vomiting, since she is not receiving treatments, you may want to get her a brain MRI. SCLC is prone to metastasize to the brain, and one of the symptoms of brain mets is vomiting. You also want to watch for personality changes, slurred speech, trouble walking. What many people who opt for no treatment don't realize is that the disease will progress, and instead of having to deal with side effects from treatment, they have to deal with side effects of the disease itself. Sometimes you just have to be pushy and let people know what you want. Maybe you could call Hospice and tell them you are not happy with the current nurses and would like to try someone else. Don't forget-even though they are paying for those expensive drugs - your Mom is paying for the service, and like anything else, she is entitled to get what she pays for. Best wishes for you and your Mom. She's very lucky to have a daughter like you.

: : So sorry about your mom. My friend just died from Lymphoma...they gave her some sort of liquid med under her tongue for nausia and it worked perfectly. She used just a tiny bit and she said it worked within a minute. Wish I knew the name, it was not specifically for nausia but worked great. You might ask the dr about a liquid under the tongue...or the pharmacist is a good source for info. Also, they have pain management specialists that you might check into if your insurance covers it. Good luck.

: I just wanted to say that I took everyones advice and started "raising a little hell". Now not only is mom on stronger meds but she gets to use her own doctor to get them. Mom's regular doctor is a real caring person and will not let mom suffer. We wanted to us her before, but didn't think it was allowed by Hospice. But when we insisted they agreed. So now we will take it from there and see if this doesn' t work better, and I am sure it will. At least we won't be waiting for faxed perscriptions that never come until we have called at least twice. Thanks everyone for your advice. My prayer are with you all. LOVE and HUGS Maggie
I wanted to write to all of you and let you know that mom passed away on the 27th of July. She had been in uncontrolled pain for two days before slipping into a coma on the 25th. Her passing was very peaceful and us three daughters were with her when she died. My brother didn't make it down from Colo. in time, but we had put him on the phone to mom after she was in the coma. She had told me she wouldn't die before my birthday which was the 26th, and true to her word she didn't. Well thats about all I can say for now. I just wanted to tell everyone. But if anyone would like to share a little of my mother's life please go to my website. LOVE and HUGS Maggie

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