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Posted by rosilita on August 08, 2000 at 17:55:05:

In Reply to: Re: Stomach Polyps(Rosalita) posted by Tammy on August 08, 2000 at 16:50:45:

: : : My mom, who is 51 yrs old, recently had an endoscopy and the doctor found numerous stomach polyps (about 50). They did a biopsy on three of them and luckily the results came back negative. However, there are still many polyps which could be cancerous and she is not getting much input from the doctors. They want her to get a colonoscopy to make sure she doesn't have any in her colon. Has anyone ever experienced this or does anyone have any info? Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
: : there is a genetic condition called cowdens syndrome which produces poylops. you can get polyps in the colon and the stumache, and other places. the good news is these poloyps are harmless except for this condition can cause, or be a link to possible breast and thyroid cancer. they probably want to do a colonoscopy to see if this appears to be something genetic. this condtion causes such a wide variety of polyp type growths it is very difficult to diagnose. does your mom have a history of fibrocystic breast lumps or thyroid growths , or other direct family members have problems with that . if so have them check her out for that. if the poloyps are only in the stumache, and are beningn and nowhere else its probably completely unrelated to anything genetic.

: Rosalita - thanks for the info. I told my mom and she was wondering if you were the one who actually had the polyps, if so what symptoms did you have? If it wasn't you, where did you find your information? Thank you so much for your help!
i worked in the past with some geneticits. we diagnosed someone with this last year. That is a rare condition and the only place with info on that is the office of rare diseases. they maintain a list, and they will send you anything you want if you contact them. there are genetic conditions that also just cause poloyps in the colon. i think her dr.s are probably looking for a pattern. like i said most of these genetic polyp conditions are benign,and you don't need to worry about it until you know if theyre in the colon. what caught my attention was you said there was numerous poloyps.this and several others cause numerous benign polyps.tell her the colonoscopy is easy, the worse thing is what you drink the night before.she'll be awake and sedated, it will be over before she knows its started. very little discomfort. If she dosen't have any in the colon, i'm sure they;ll keep any eye on what she has. In case you wondering the rate of gastric cancer in this country is low.
Oh, i'm sorry, i didn't answer your question. I didn't have stumache polyps. its my understanding they are usually painless(just like colon polyps, people don't know they have them) Usually they are discovered by accident, when you'r looking for something else.

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