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Posted by rosilita on August 11, 2000 at 21:00:51:

In Reply to: Re: Please Respond Anyone posted by Monique on August 11, 2000 at 09:31:11:

: : : Hi I posted the message below on Aug 1 and no one has reponded to me. There must be some encouraging words out there somewhere!!! or someone who has had experience with this type of cancer.. i'd appreciate anything at this point!

: : : **********

: : : Has anyone had experience with this type of cancer.

: : : my father has had cancer in the ureter and had his kidney, ureter and half the bladder removed 4 years ago. One year later he got a mild tumour in the bladder had it removed. Both times he had chemo. also the first chemo was the worst. He has also been taking essiac since 1st diagnosed. Now the Dr. says he thinks there is a recurrence in the other ureter right near the bladder. The results will be in soon. What I am looking for is reassurance that just because it is his 3rd battle with this does not mean he will probably die this time. I know none of you can promise me such a thing. But are there any stories that can give me hope!! Also, the results have not come in yet, would i be foolish to think that maybe the Dr. is wrong and all will be ok? I am so scared, I dont want to loose my father and I dont want him to go through this again. He was doing so well!!!! Can someone please give me some reassurance of any kind PLEASE!!!!
: : Essaic is a herb. are you looking for alternative medicine help? What is the primary cancer? What chemo's has he tried? I wasn't sure if you were speaking of bladder or kidney cancer.

: Rosilita,

: I am not sure what I amtalking about anymore either!!!! This is his 3rd time. I guess it is renal cell carcinoma. The results came in yesterday. Cancer in the urethra. Grade 2. DR. is going to do lazer work and chemo. They do not want to operate because my dad is 76 and has a mild heart condition. thanks for responding.
: monique
monique, you wanted some sucess stories look for a website called steven dunns kidney cancer page, he's a kidney cancer (same type as your father's I gather) survivor. he talks about all the current therapies that work, and why they work. i don't know how strong your father is but he evern talks about a good immune system study, and why immune system studies sometimes work. if you can't find this web site let me know its part of a bigger website. they also talk in the bigger website about the use of arterial onclusion. i forget the name of the bigger website, see if you can find this smaller one first.

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