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Posted by vigilante on August 21, 2000 at 22:30:50:

In Reply to: sick father - help posted by debra on August 21, 2000 at 14:43:25:

: For the past six months, my father has been battling a lot of stuff. My father has a prostetic leg, colon cancer and kidney bags, so he no longer uses
: the bathroom anymore. My father weighed 250lbs. no he weighs 125lbs. It is so heartbreaking to see your loved one go through hell and it is so hard to
: cope with it. He takes these pills before he eats a meal so that he will not spit up, however he spits up and he basically did not eat anything. This is
: scaring the hell out of me because we tried everything to make him eat. We do not know if it is certain acids in the foods that he spits up. He
: can't even hold water down. If anyone is going through the same thing that me and my family are going through, can you please give me some infor.
: on how to cope easily with my father sickness and how maybe we can get him to eat certain things that will for sure stay down. please someone help
: me. My father's chemo is noteven working that well and I want him around longer so that he can see his neices grow up and walk me down the
: aisle for my wedding. please help. we need to attack the tumor without toxic chemo. I recommend a combination of piglitazone, (a diabetic medicine) and phenretinide (a vitamin A compound.) the arthritis drug clinoril may help also. If he cannto tolerate clinoril the new cox 2 NSAIDS like celebrex and vioxx are good too. god bless.

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