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Posted by rosilita on September 07, 2000 at 20:42:19:

In Reply to: BRCA posted by Sharon on September 07, 2000 at 13:25:01:

: I've recently signed up for a genetic screening to find out if I carry BRCA1 & 2. My mother diagnosed last year with breast cancer and then lung cancer. She really wanted me to have the tests done. I'm scared out of my mind. I know what they're going to say. I can feel it.
: If they do come back positive what then? I mean do I just sit here and wait for the cancer to eat me up? I'm 32 and I've lead a very healthy life.
: I stayed active and quit smoking over 4 years ago. But I just feel like why did I bother to keep myself so "healthy" if this gene is pre-determining my destiny?
: I just want to hide from my own body. I feel like a walking bomb. If anyone has any advice at all I'd really appreciate it.
: Thanks for your time, Sharon

sharon, i don't know if you mean you are going to take the test, or have already. if you haven't taken it be sure to tell your geneticist your feelings. for some people knowing can do more harm then good. even if your mother carries the gene your chances are only 50% of having it yourself. if you do have the gene, that does not mean your destiny is predetermined. all it is is percentages. breast cancer is all based on percentages. if you do have it you may ask the person how well tamoxifen works on preventing cancer in the braca gene. i know in the original study it was given to sisters of people who had had breast cancer. it lowered the risk by 50% between family memebers. if your not sure you can handle knowing for sure you may want to consider just doing self breast exam, and close scruitiny, ie. frequent mamograms(every 6 months) and a professional breast exam. this is all they would consider doing for you anyway even if you test positive, with the exception of a masectomy(which is very drastic) but your destiny is not predetermined!! there are a lot of people walking around with one bad gene or another, they just don't know it.

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