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Posted by rosilia on September 09, 2000 at 09:27:02:

In Reply to: HELP!!!! Rosilita or anyone......... posted by Kim on September 09, 2000 at 01:52:08:

: My mother has just learned within the past 10 days that she has stage lV ovarian cancer that has metastisized to her liver. We are devastated and on top of it all....she has no insurance coverage what-so-ever. She is 63 and not previously employed; my stepfather is 57 and still working with an average income. She qualifies for no social security as her lifetime employment total did not meet eligibility requirements therefore no Medicare coverage available. A hospital social worker told us that since their income is over $12,000 they cannot receive help through Medicaid. They do not own their own home so a second mortgage is out and they have no life insurance in which to borrow against (both suggestions I received from others via the net). Someone told me about a grant called the Hill-Burton but this appears to be limited to only care given in a very select few facilities. Please someone, Rosilita, I addressed you in the message heading because you had mentioned in an earlier post that you used to work in or with a law firm that dealt with these kinds of financial issues. Thanks in advance to anyone who can pass along some advice....we are desperate. Mom is so worried they will just leave her to die because of this and she doesn't need that added stress right now. But even though I haven't admitted this to her, I have to wonder if there isn't at least a half-truth to that.
kim, you'r family is in a very difficult situation. i did work for a law firm, but it was the opposite end of the issue, i worked for the bad guys(insurance companies). If your father in lsw didn't have his job, being they don't own a home, they would instatley qualify for free financial aid, but obiously they need the job to live on.
this is what i would suggest.first make sure she is getting the best care for stage 4 ovarian cancer, and that they don't let things slide because of her financial status. If you could find a good clinical trial, the cost of much of it is free except for doctors visits. If you stick with traditional care have them sign a promise to pay. your father-in-law has a job, it could be made on that. Many of those promise to pays by uninsured people are never made good on.You could also have your mother apply for disability, stage 4 ovarian cancer would certainly qualify for that (disability payments are different than medicaid.) also, I don't know your father in laws income, but if its low enough look into ssi payments, first of all make sure she is getting the best treatment there is. don't let them get away with compromising. There are many good ovarian cancer trials in which the dedicated professionals are trying to accomplish proving something, and they would treat your mother no different than any oher one in the trial.

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