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Posted by Nigel Kazanji on September 14, 2000 at 19:14:18:

I want to tell you a story which I've been living with since the bigining of the year , it is about a cousin of mine living in Syria , he has developed a brain tumer called ( Glayoma ) forgive my medical terms, as I may use normal terms to express something medical because I am not a doctor .

on the 5th of Jan.2000 he began to suffer from strong headaches , faints , and loses his balance sometimes, he was taken to the American University in Lebanon and then for tow weeks in France .

all doctors had the same idea which is the glayoma, he was given radiation and chemotherapy treatment, his health began to improve but slowly slowly.

in august , it began to go bad and now he can hardly lift his right arm , move his right side leg and talks like a semi peralized person.

the doctors in syria and france did not go neither for a biopsy or open surgery claiming that the tumer is sitting some where that it is not advisable to do it.

I received his photos and reports here in amman and showed it to the best doctors who went for a consortuim of three best ones, all three agreed that the case is the same .

now an oncologist shall have photos of other parts of his body again to ensure that it is a brain tumer only and there is no other cancer in any other part of his body .

and what I understood he shall go for something called (Hydrocelphus) to make sure that the glayoma is not blocking ( the brain water circule ), this will not save him from cancer rather than extra checking and might need to go for removal of the brain water

I know and became sure that it is only GOD's will that shall save him by making his body respond to the treatment which is according to doctors very unlikly but happened before and the man is still alive , I know that my cousin's chances are near Zero, but as a christian I beleive in GOD and his wisdom , he is the one who can make things come true by givin humans the power to do it on his behalf .

all what I am asking from you to help me save the man by giving the advice , name of a new drug or chemotherapy that will save him , a clinic name or a doctor that will do this and sure it will work .

Or any helpfull advice even a brain transpalnt , please please please

tank you in advance

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