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Posted by Victor on October 02, 2000 at 15:43:53:

In Reply to: Re: pancreas islet cell tumor posted by Paul Winter on October 01, 2000 at 21:27:18:

If you say you do not sell anything, why does the link you posted allow you to order this product?

Everyone, please check out all the internet search engines to find out more information on this product.

This is from a Health Watch Orginazion based in the UK.

Cancell is an untested, irregular substance recently touted in Britain as a cancer cure (or near-cure). The piece below is taken from the [US] National Council Against Health Fraud Newsletter Mar/Apr 1991)

Cancell (also known as Entelev, Jim's juice, crocinic acid, Sheridan's formula, JS 114, JS 101, 126~F) is described by promoters as "an assembly of synthetic chemicals" which react with the body electrically rather than chemically.

Cancell, which may be used internally or externally, is touted as a cure for cancer and a variety of other diseases including Aids, cystic fibrosis, MS, emphysema, Parkinsonism, haemophilia, and mental illness (except schizophrenia).

Cancell's inventor, James Sheridan, a chemist, says the formula was revealed to him by God in 1936. Sheridan says that because Cancell is divinely inspired, he cannot charge people for using it. Instead he has established the Eden Foundation, a non-profit corporation in the UK, to which people may contribute.

In 1982 Sheridan applied to the US Food and Drugs Administration for Investigational New Drug status, which was not granted owing to failure to provide requested information.

In 1984 Edward K Sopcak acquired the directions for manufacturing Cancell after Sheridan said he was forced to stop production "by the media and the FDA". Batches of Cancell are cooked up in Sheridan's and Sopcak’s homes. Sopcak claims to have distributed about 15,000 pints to patients; it is not known how much Sheridan has sent.

Sopcak and Sheridan differ somewhat on Cancell's alleged mode of action. Sheridan says cancer is a protein disease and that there are three types of cells: normal, primitive, and cancer. He says that Cancell causes cancer cells to become primitive and self-destruct.

Sopcak believes there is only one type of cancer which is caused by a mutated anaerobic cell. He says that improper diet causes electrical and chemical damage thus opening the way for the microbe Progenitor crytocides [the alleged cancer-causing germ imagined by the late Virginia Livingstone-Wheeler MD]. Sopcak says Cancell acts by changing the vibrational frequency and energy of cancer cells "reducing their voltage" until they reach the "primitive" state described by Sheridan.~ He claims to ‘tune’ the liquid to correct vibrational frequencies in some secret fashion.

Promoters claim that human and animal studies proving Cancell's worth have been done, but are being suppressed by "the establishment".

They say the FDA did a "secret and illegal" study which resulted in 88 - 85% cure rates, but the FDA denies that any such study was ever conducted. The only evidence that Sheridan and Sopcak have to offer is a file of letters that Cancell works. One newspaper report descried Sheridan's evidence as "ridiculous and amateurish" (Wendland, Monthly Detroit, March 1984).

The FDA itemised Cancell's ingredients as inositol, nitric acid, sodium sulphate, potassium hydroxide, sulphuric acid and catechol (a phenol found in resins and lignins, used as a photographic developer); Sheridan has said that he also uses crocinic acid.

According to Dr Tadeusz Malinski, Associate Professor of Analytical Chemistry at Oakland University, Rochester, Michigan, the dark brown liquid contains at least a dozen compounds, none of which is likely to be active against cancer.

No severe reactions or deaths have been reported, but Sheridan says that patients may experience "temporary, moderate fatigue" after taking Cancell. The most dangerous feature is the promoter's insistence that patients abandon other forms of cancer treatment while using Cancell. In 1989 the FDA obtained a permanent injunction to stop the distribution in interstate commerce, but the nostrum is still being illegally obtained outside Michigan.

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