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Posted by Rick H on October 08, 2000 at 23:33:30:

In Reply to: Re: Cancer Prevention posted by Alan S. on October 07, 2000 at 01:12:57:

: : An article dated August 10, 1998, that I read about just recently, spoke about cancer prevention through changes in the diet. This article was written by HealthNews, who are the publishers of the New England Journal of Medicine.

: : As written in this article, there was a study completed which showed that persons who ate a "Mediterranean" diet, had significantly reduced cancer rates. This "Mediterranean" diet consisted of fresh fruits, vegetables, fish, grains, legumes, little meats, and breads with no butter or cream. The oils they used were high in omega-3 fatty acids.

: : There are many other studies that consisently link the reduced rates of cancer with a better diet (with lots of fresh fruits and vegetables), exercise, and other positive lifestyle changes.

: : Let's get the message out to everyone that a lot of cancer is preventative!!! We don't have to get sick like this. Although it is not completely understood, and some cancers can't be explained, it is clear that we could do better to stop cancer before it starts.

: : Any comments or thoughts from anyone about this subject?

: But what about the recent studies that attempted to prove a link between breast cancer and the intake of saturated fat? Those studies found just the opposite. The women that ate the most saturated fat had the fewest occurances of breast cancer. I don't think meat consumption is the culprit. My research tends to point more towards the highly processed foods and polyunsaturated and partially hydrogenated vegetable oils in particular. These products have greatly increased in the American diet in the last 50 or so years, right along with the cancer rate, and right along with the decline in the consumption of stable saturated fats. Alan S.

Thanks James and Alan S. for responding with some interesting information. In my opinion, I think that Alan S. is right about suspecting highly processed foods etc. as the possible culprit. I have my own thoughts or theories about how cancer rates may have possibly increased as we Americans continue eating piles of junk food. Our diets in general, are not only lacking in adequate supplies of fruits and vegetables, but they are filled with many high calorie processed foods, with many different types of hidden sugars.

I think that it is important to make a more conscious effort to try to live a better life, by eating healthy, exercising etc. Time and time again, it is proven that people like that statistically will get sick less often, including the deadly disease of cancer.

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