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Posted by diana on October 10, 2000 at 08:51:19:

In Reply to: Re: small cell lung cancer posted by Lisa on October 08, 2000 at 15:28:44:

: : : My mother was diagnosed with small cell lung cancer in
: : : July. She is currently taking chemotherapy (third round) and will begin radiation at the end of October.
: : : I would like to hear from anyone with information about this type of cancer. What side effects did you have from the radiation? chemotherapy? She is considering a trial involving a vaccine at Duke. She was diagnosed with breast cancer in 1994 but the doctors are saying their is no relationship between the two. I'd appreciate any info you might have.
: : i don't mean to scare you, my mother died last week from small cell. she had radiation and chemo, cisplatin, carboplatin. she went into remission. most everyone will go into remission.she also went into a clinical trial with a vaccine. i don't recall the name of it, but it has a good track record. i don't know why it didn't work for her. her doctors in a small town, i beleive killed her. she was slurring her speech for quite a while(at least a month) and her doctors talked my father out of a brain scan saying it was time they did agree to a scan she had brain and liver metastasis. she died in two weeks from the time of that scan. she became unable to talk and turned jaundice. if she had ever got enough strength there is a new drug out there that has high expectations we were going to put her in. the cancer dosent get resistant to it. if i can find the name of it, i'll write back. best wishes to you and your mother.
: Diana-I'm sorry to hear about your mother. When her cancer was first diagnosed, was it limited or extended? Did she take chemotherapy and radiation at the same time? If so, what side effects did she have? When was your mother first diagnosed? Did she have radiation to the brain as a precaution? Mom has considered PCI but has heard bad things about the side effects.
my mother was diagnosed with limited. she had chemo and radiation and the same time. she had all the side effects artemis mentioned. she went for the vacanations right after chemo was done. we were going to look into brain radiation, but she had a little regrowth spot in which her doccors let sit 6 weeks before they looked at it again, by then it was in her liver and brain, so we never got the chance. one thing to consider one of her doctors said if you do get pci and you get it in the brain later they can not reradiate because the brain can only take so much radiation
the important thing to keep in mind is when your mom is done with chemo, wether or not she goes into vaccinations when the doctors are in the process of watching her don't let them just wait and watch what could be a regwoth. My mom's doctors non-caring attitude is what cost her life, when we finally checked her new spot a second time it was too late, she never regained strenth. i don't know why the vaccanations didn't work for her, the only thing we can think of is perhaps she had more cancer then was actually diagnosed. good luck with your mom

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