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Posted by Lois on October 11, 2000 at 09:10:13:

In Reply to: Re: BIORAY LIGHT TECHNOLOGY posted by napoleon, edited on September 29, 2000 at 05:29:26:

: : : : Has anybody heard of bioray light technology in treating cancer and if so where can I find more information. My mom was recently diagnosed with small cell lung cancer which has spread to her liver. She is undergoing aggressive chemo. There was recently a news article in the South Florida area about this treatment (wsvn channel 7 news) but i cannot seem to find more info. Any help appreciated. Thanx Robin

: : : a better treatment for small cell would be zd0473 if she's failed a conventional treatment. this compound is a third generation platinum compound. cisplatin and carboplatin which initally work so well on small cell are in this same catagory. this new drug was developed so the cancer dosen't get resistant to it, like it does to the other drugs. its currently in level 2, which means saftey perimeters have already been established. someday if the money continues for the trials, this could replace the other drugs which work for only such a short time.

: : For all interested parties....The BioRay Sound and Light Generator is the invention of a man named Royal Raymond Rife. He died in 1971in poverty and obscurity, yet he may well have been the greatest inventor of all time. The bioRaywas only one of his many inventions. Among them the world's most powerful microscope.His machine known as "Rife's Ray" wsa used to treat many diseases nicluding cancer, tuberculosis, lupus and leprosy among them. In 1058 the State Department of Public Health declared it useless, yet many scientists and doctors used his machine and cured many people of many diseases. These results have been well documented.In the thirties, sixteen patients with incurable diseases were treated with Rife's Ray in a clinical test of the machine supervised by Dr. Milbank Johnson of LA. 14 of the sixteen were cured by the medical staff within 70 days and the remaining two patients were discharged after three months.Presently, Mr. Lynn Kenney, president of BioRay, Inc. started research in 1986 while trying to help a friend who had cancer and is continuing to work with the original "Rife's Ray" machine researching and further development and manufacture of light tube machines. BioRay, Inc is in Birmingham, Alabama. I saw the TV newscast regarding this machine and tried withoput success to get info from the news media. Luckily a frien of mine knew of a chiropractor in Stuart who owned a macine. I tried to buy it but it had already been sold. Today I ordered one and it will be delivered on Thursday, 9/28. My wife will begin to use immediately and if anyone is interested in her progress I will be more than happy to reply. I pray and hope this is the answer. I know, after two years of researching cancer that the establishment does not want to find a cure for cancer. It is a trillion dollar industry. I know the answer is not chemotherapy , stem cell therapy or radiation. Why in the world would anyone want to inject him or herself with poison in order to cure? Chemo kills all, not only the bad cells. It destroys the immune system. Chemo kills; it does not cure. Good luck to all.

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I am curious to find out how your machine is working for your wife. Feel free to e-mail me at [email protected] My friend, who has terminal cancer in investigating purchasing one of these machines. Did you purchase direct from the company in Alabama? Thanks for replying.

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