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Posted by Martha on October 20, 2000 at 22:51:48:

In Reply to: Small Cell Lung w/ Liver Mets--HELP! posted by Joanne on October 19, 2000 at 22:16:05:

: I just found this board two days ago, and have found the posts extremely helpful and comforting while enduring my mother's cancer. HUGE thanks to all who have posted, most especially those who shared their experiences with small cell lung cancer (Diana, Artemis, etc).

: I was in a very good place mentally (optimistic) and had hoped to help others who had just begun this "journey". Today my world abruptly stopped. My mother, who is Stage IV and undergoing chemo, apparently now has liver mets. She has taken a drastic turn downwards and her liver function is extremely low. My father says she is "so yellow, she is almost orange" (she is out of state from me), and we are PETRIFIED!

: I have done SO MUCH studying about small cell cancer, the treatments, etc and it has given me much comfort to have KNOWLEDGE of exactly what is going on, but I am at a loss now, and am panicky that I don't have enough time to "learn" what is going to happen now in regards to her liver?!

: Could I ask those who have had experience with liver mets to offer some advice or suggestions? Besides chemo, what else may the oncologist suggest to prevent her liver from shutting down completely? She has rarely been awake over the last couple days, maybe a total of 2 or 3 hours during a 24 hour day. Is this due to the fatigue of her ailing liver? (She was due to start another round of chemo this coming week).

: Most importantly, is this what is referred to as "the beginning to the end"? Do I need to prepare myself mentally?

: Most importantly, is this what is referred to as "the beginning of the end?" Do I need to start preparing myself?

: MUCH appreciation for any help!
I read your message on the board and wanted to provide additional information to help. Here is vital information in regards to cancer and many has reported that this impacts cancer in a major way. Just click on any link to the left of the site and see what this natural food supplement is doing in the human body. You can ask specific questions on this site and get timly resonses. I hope this can help someone you. Warm regards. Please understand this is only providing the info I stumbled across.

Your body is creating new cells 24 hours a day. You have white corpuscles running around in your body eating things up like a packman. To protect that new cell from the white corpuscle, your body puts a negative charged protein layer around the new cell, and because the white corpuscle is also a negative charged element, they repel each other. Each cell contains the complete encyclopedia or DNA of your whole body. If you have a computer and they give 2 manuals 3 inches thick, you'd never learn to use the computer. But if I tell you to read pages 10-15, you will learn how to use your computer. When your body needs a cell, at the last minute it decides if it needs a kidney, eye, or fingernail cell. The body then tells the cell what pages of the DNA to read and when it takes the place of a dying cell, it begins to function. Once in a while a cell gets old that hasn't been programmed, your body then puts out an enzyme that dissolves the protein layer and a white corpuscle gets recycles it. If an unprogrammed cell gets away and replaces a dying cell, it can't be replaced until it dies. But is doesn't know what to do, because it doesn't know which pages of the DNA to read. One cell here and there doesn't hurt you, but if half your kidney is made up of unprogrammed cells, you're going to die of kidney failure. Doctors call it a tumor and their answer is to cut out the tumor and throw it away. Well, if they cut your arm off and throw it away the body cannot rebuild it. Sew the arm back on and the body will do everything possible to rebuild it, even make new nerves and blood vessels to save the arm. If the body can get a bad cell to die and a good programmed cell to replace it, you go into remission. Doctors often use radiation and chemotherapy to kill bad cells. The only problem is those treatments cannot tell the good cells from the bad cells and tears up your whole system. Laetrille, which is a food, has a cyanide molecule and two sugar molecules. In a healthy area of your body, you put out an enzyme that changes the cyanide to a food and the cells are very happy with it. In a cancerous area, that enzyme is not available so that cancer cells gobble up the cyanide intact and it kills the cell. So Laetrille is very fussy as to which cells it kills. The only problem is, with chemotherapy, radiation, or Laetrille some people go into remission and some people do not. Some people don't do anything and they get a remission. Killing bad cells is treating the symptoms and not the cause. If you get rid of bad cell, and replace it with another bad cell your treading water and you can't win. You have to work on the other end, where your creating nothing but good, healthy programmed cells. Then it doesn't matter why the old cell dies, you are in remission. That is where getting the glands to put out the right hormones and enzymes are very important so the body will heal itself.

If you want additonal information please feel free to email at [email protected]
I will respond and provide you with my toll free number so that we can communicate better.

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