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Posted by rosilita on October 23, 2000 at 19:24:34:

In Reply to: Thyroid Cancer connected to Lung Cancer? posted by Amanda on October 23, 2000 at 14:37:52:

: Hi all.

: My mom was diagnosed with thyroid cancer almost 10 years ago, and had been fightiing it strongly, and doing well. But a few months ago she had a recurrence, and went into surgery and radiotherapy again. It was very hard on her but it seems that it was very effective. Now, just a couple of weeks ago, she had pneumonia. I've heard that usually when a thyroid cancer spreads it goes first to the lungs. I also read that pneumonia could be a symptom of lung cancer. The pat few tomographies and x-rays anc cintilographies (??) she had didn't show anything at all, but I have a very bad feeling about it. I am far away from her, in another continent, and am very, very scared. Am I alucinating here? Please, I need some words of comfort. I am about to take the first airplane back home and leave everything else (hubby, job, bla bla) behind to stay with her. The diagnosys is expected to be given tonight. Is there anybody there with enlightening words? I am collapsing. Thank you and God bless you all.

: Amanda
amanda, what kind of thyroid cancer did she have? With the exception of anaplastic, thyroid cancers are highly survivable. Even if it is in thelungs that dosen't mean the same thing that it means in other cancers. The lungs just happens to be one of the places thyroid cancer likes to go to. Even so if it is thyroid cancer it will still act like thyroid cancer even if it is in the lungs. that means it will be extremly slow growing. whatever was curative for it 10 years ago will still cure it . If it is responsive to radioactive iodine they will treat it with that again, and it will kill just the thryroid cancer that is in the lungs. If it is a thyroid cancer that dosen't respond to radioactive iodine then surgery will be curative , they will just take out the lesion. Its still just thyroid cancer, don't worry about it.

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