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Posted by Connie on November 04, 2000 at 16:37:35:

In Reply to: Re: Pain in one nipple. . .what if? posted by Rick H on November 03, 2000 at 22:48:18:

: : Hello everyone! I am worried about something. I have been experiencing discomfort/ pain in one nipple. I am too embarassed to see a doctor about this. It's a nagging feeling and I cannot wear a nightshirt without wearing a bra. The constant rubbing against the fabric hurts. This has been going on since mid September.Has anyone ever experienced this? If you have, what caused it? Thank you ladies. p.s. Please do not advise me to see a doctor. I want to hear from someone who has experienced this. (c:)

: Men can have this very painful condition as well, as I know from personal experience. Years ago, when I was jogging in a wet tee shirt, caused by a lot of perspiration or by a light rain, one or both of the nipples got extremely sore. This happened because, in addition, the condition (that is, the rubbing on the wet tee shirt) repeated itself several times in a very short time, during the weeks or months during the rainy season. Being a guy, I toughed it out, but only found myself a lot worse. Then finally, I decided to take action. I put a little vasoline on to protect the nipple from rubbing on the cotton clothing. With such common sense treatment, all problems were solved with an embarrassing situation, that none of us really want to talk about. Now, I never have that problem, not even in the smallest amount.

: I thought you should know, so you can check if this might be happening to you. It can be very very painful, with also painful breast tissue near the nipple, and bleeding can also result.

: If this common sense treatment doesn't work, then you better go to the doctor, even if you don't want to hear of it from us. It's better to be a little embarrassed than to suffer from a deadly cancer or other terrible disease or condition that is treatable.

: You might want to try Aloe Vera gel as well, to promote healing.

: Rick H.

JoJo - I had the same thing didn't do anything. Probably a month or so later, I noticed a small lump. A month later I finally went to see the doctor. It was cancer. I can only say I wish to hell I had gone to see the doctor right away. It may NOT be cancer for you, but if it is, earlier is definitely better.

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