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Posted by Debbie L. on November 04, 2000 at 22:55:46:

In Reply to: Re: My mother has cancer again,now in her liver,looking for support posted by Maggie on October 30, 2000 at 22:23:51:

: :I have a cancer known as islet cell which originates in the pancreas but has mas. to my liver. I have had traditional chemo with some of the worse chemo drugs, surgeries and chemo embolism. Has your mother inquired about chemo embolism as a treatment for her cancer? If you are not familiar with this procedure it is much like a angiogram of the heart only the catheter is sent to the liver and chemo is shot directly into the tumor thru the blood vessel which is feeding the turmor and the vessel is blocked off so that blood can no longer feed the tumor. It is worth asking about and if she is not a candidate for this treatment I urge her to continue the chemo she is taking if the Dr's. can provide some kind of a pronosis that sounds favorable. I know is is hard to continue, I've been there and I know. My plan has always been that if the treatment is only being done to keep hope alive and not me, I would choose to have whatever time I have left being with my family and not having the disabling treatments that would make my last days with a less quality. Quality not quantity. I know that may sound harsh, but as a cancer patient I feel I have the right to say it. The treatments can be torment and after traditional chemo I could understand how other cancer patients could say, "i've had enough and I'm ready to let nature take it's course". Please let your mother decide what she wants to do no matter how hard it is for you. You cannot imagine for a moment how hard it is for her physically and emotionally. Cancer is a drain on your body but even more on your brain. I am the cancer patient but I do understand what you ar going through and your mom. I have a son who was just 9 yrs. old when I was diagnosed, he is 21 now. I still have active cancer in my liver but I am scanned regularly and as soon as there is a sign of any growth I go right in the hospital and get another treatment, until I can't do it anymore. I have been very lucky to have the chemo embolism come available at a time when no surgery could help and traditional chemo cannot be done on me again because of side effects, like heart damage, etc. Chemo embolism does not spread so much of the chemical throughout the body it is more centralized in the liver, inside the tumor, going to work killing the cancer cells. You do have some ill side effects temporarily but nothing like traditional chemo and about 200 times more chemo can be shot into the tumors because it stays in the tumores and does not go throughout the body.T his is how I've made it. I guess I am telling you all of this so that you can get an idea of how much the body can take. It is very very difficult, I know. I don't know who can be there for youy. Do you have any other family close by. There are support groups you can go to that are for family members dealing with a loved one going thru cancer treatments. Please get some help even if it is going to a councelor, a professional who you can talk to one on one. It will help. I have a mom, dad, sister, brother, husband and son and they have all been thru hell watching me go thru hell. I hate to say this but it would be good if you ask the Dr. if hospice is necessary at this time or another organization that can help your mother handle the treatments. Go get help for both of you. you will feel better just knowing you have someone to call on and your mom too. God Bless you and your mom and I'll be praying for both of you. There are so many of us who know what it's all about. We understand, we hear you and you can do this because you have to and you are a strong person. You are just now learning your strenght day by day and it is so very hard and you feel so bad for your mom. Find out the options, make decisions and when you know exactly what you are dealing with, what you mom wants to do you will have the strenth to handle it whatever it is. Your heart will lead you to help your mother and when you see that she is content with whatever she decides to do you will find yourself in a better place to deal. Thats all for now, sorry if am babbling on but I have so much to say, you see we all become experts at this after confronting it and fighting it so many times. God Bless, Debbie L. ay for her,but don't know who's here for me that understands!!!!!! It's a long road that wont end.

: I know what you're going through. I lost my mother in July to SCLC. It had spread to her right shoulder and probably her brain. If you just need to talk one on one email me anytime. My prayers are with you and your mother.

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