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Posted by Juanita on November 10, 2000 at 13:59:31:

In Reply to: hard knot on rib posted by Devon on November 07, 2000 at 20:04:42:

: On September 23, 2000 I noticed a hard painless knot on my right rib right under my breast. It is hard as bone.
: I know this wasn't there before. I went to the emergency room the very next day, because I was worried. I do not
: have a regular doctor because I currently have no insurance. I am a 20 year old full time student (nursing major)
: and a mother of two. The doctor at the ER told me it may be cancer or many other things but he wanted to rule
: out cancer just in case so he made an appointment for me to go to a Breast Cancer Center. There the doctor said
: that the knot was on my rib and I needed to see a bone specialist. So she made me an appointment to see a bone
: specialist at a cancer center. The same doctor also order x-rays the same day so that they could be ready for the bone
: specialist. A few weeks later I saw the b.s. she felt the knot and said it was nothing. I questioned her on it and she said
: I could get a cat scan done to make sure, but she was sure it was nothing. I said I wanted the CT. I also asked her if she
: looked at the x-rays and she said no, that you wouldnt' be able to tell anything from them anyways. She made the appt. for the
: CT and with another doctor. I had the CT done a few weeks later on a friday and then on monday was my next appt. Turns out that
: I was sent to the wrong doctor, a doctor that deals with female cancers. So that doctor sent me back to the Bone specialist. I called
: repeatedly to find out the results of my CT, finally about a week later they said that they found an abnorality and they wanted to do
: a bone scan soon. A few days later I went for the bone scan, while getting the bone scan the lady looking at the pictures asked " It's on
: your right rib isn't it?, You haven't had any fractures?, Have you been tired lately?" Then after wards she asked if she could feel the knot
: and I let her, she shook her head yes and then left the room. After the bone scan I went across the hall to get the results from the b.s.
: At first they said they lost the scan and then the doctor came in and said I was fine, that I was just asymetrical, That I was born that way.
: This was the doctor that her very own nurse told me she wouldn't be thorough with me cause I didn't have insurance. I have been losing weight
: at least 2 pounds a week for the last month and I have had a low grade fever ( 99.5 to 100.5) everyday for the last three weeks. Five people have
: come down with cancer in my neighborhood ( which is by factories and use to be a landfill) in the last few months. The doctor didn't even show me
: the scan pictures or the CT pictures. What would I have to do in order to get a second opinion? I would like to somehow get my X-ray films, CT, and
: bone scan pictures and take them to another doctor and ask what they think

My goodness, your ordeal sounds like mine. I had endo ca it took a year to get a dx. You have every right to get your medical records. Call the hospital where you had the tests and have them pull your files. It may take a few days. Then they will give you an appointment to come in and review them. You can have copies made at a nominal charge. I paid about $10.00. Request copies of anything pertinent to your problem. You have been given such a run around you need to go back to square one with a new dr. Call the Cancer Society and let them know what is happening. They are WONDERFUL and will help you sort this out.

Good luck,

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