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Posted by vigilante on November 16, 2000 at 09:08:25:

In Reply to: Low Dose Chemo Shrank My Tumors By Half!! -- No Side Effects posted by Sybil Brabner on November 12, 2000 at 16:28:31:

: My name is Sybil Brabner,

: I am a 37 year old BC patient with a VERY POOR PROGNOSIS.
: The stat is 3 years and you are gone--technically speaking I am (ER-,
: PR-, P53+, Her/2-) nuclear grade 3 (Bloom and Richardson) I was
: diagnosed in Jan of 99, Stage IIB, mastectomy, four cycles of
: Adrimycin, Cytoxin, and Taxol at one time (ECOG study) 6 weeks
: radiation, mets to L2 with fracture by April 1st of 2000, and on
: August 31st they discovered mets to liver and lung.

: The liver mets was 6.1cm x 5.9cm on October 3.

: On September 26 I started taking 25mg Cytoxin (orally-I weigh 110lbs)
: combined with 200mgx2 Celebrex. On my last scan my liver tumor
: was 3.4cm x 3.3. Other tumors in my lung and near my spinehave disappeared altogether. Bone mets are stable I have had no side effects, save for a few hot flushes at night.
: I am able to eat, exercise, have not had any immune suppression. I have quality of
: life, and this is after the doctors said "6 months to a year max."

: I will be happy to email anyone my radiology report to prove this --
: which I have as both .JPG and a text file. I just want to help as many
: people out there as I can. Anti-angiogenesis has been around for 20
: years, yet people are still going through expensive surgery,
: hospitalizations, 3 hour infusions, etc. We need this stuff in Clinical
: Trial!! NOW!! But this "protocol" is working in me, and if you are
: told "2 months" why go out miserable?

: This is the article that I based my decision on, with the help of a friend
: who is a biochemist in cancer research at a pharmaceutical company.


: It explains how this combination of 1/4 standard dose of chemo
: combined with a COX-2 inhibitor (They used Vinblastine in the mice
: but there are many others available to try such as Celebrex,
: Thalidomide, TNP470, DC101) chokes off the blood supply to
: tumor. This is a far more humane treatment for somebody with lots of
: tumor and little life expectancy. It is not in clinical trial yet, but there
: are many institutions that are looking into it.

: If you are metastatic with tumor in your body and are being told you
: have no time, if you are tired of standard dose chemo, and being
: wiped out and hospitalized you can REFUSE standard treatment and
: ask that your doctor try this.

: If he/she won't, find one who will. In a month you will know if it is
: working, maybe even sooner. I have found that you must take your
: health care into your own hands, you must educate yourself and be
: your own advocate or find someone who will. If I can help please call
: me

: In lay terms, I explain anti-angiogenesis as if a tumor is a spider. Most
: standard chemo is targeted at the spider's body (tumor cells) but this
: therapy targets his legs (endothelial and stromal cells) without his legs
: he can't feed himself and starves to death.

: Please spread the word about this . . .I want to prevent anyone from
: having to go through the horrors of Standard Dose Chemo if possible.

: Sincerely,
: Sybil Brabner
: Chicago

they need to start thinking out of the box. lo dose 5fu dose the same thing. with high dose fu, you will know what the fu stands for. lol. and forget about tamoxifen even in ER+. they should give the estrogen 2methoxyestradiol (2ME2) that's right ESTROGEN. it is antiangiogenic. instead of cox2 I remommend clinoril, lodine xl or ansaid. they simply work better. and combine with a cholesterol drug like mevacor bid. this screws jup tumor reproduction. for breast and colon, I also like the compination of piglitazone and phenretinide. phenretinide is standard of care in Europe.

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