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Posted by Lisa on November 16, 2000 at 10:57:04:

In Reply to: Low Dose Chemo Shrank My Tumors By Half!! -- No Side Effects posted by Sybil Brabner on November 12, 2000 at 16:28:31:


Could I have your e-mail address. I am very interested in what you have written.

: My name is Sybil Brabner,

: I am a 37 year old BC patient with a VERY POOR PROGNOSIS.
: The stat is 3 years and you are gone--technically speaking I am (ER-,
: PR-, P53+, Her/2-) nuclear grade 3 (Bloom and Richardson) I was
: diagnosed in Jan of 99, Stage IIB, mastectomy, four cycles of
: Adrimycin, Cytoxin, and Taxol at one time (ECOG study) 6 weeks
: radiation, mets to L2 with fracture by April 1st of 2000, and on
: August 31st they discovered mets to liver and lung.

: The liver mets was 6.1cm x 5.9cm on October 3.

: On September 26 I started taking 25mg Cytoxin (orally-I weigh 110lbs)
: combined with 200mgx2 Celebrex. On my last scan my liver tumor
: was 3.4cm x 3.3. Other tumors in my lung and near my spinehave disappeared altogether. Bone mets are stable I have had no side effects, save for a few hot flushes at night.
: I am able to eat, exercise, have not had any immune suppression. I have quality of
: life, and this is after the doctors said "6 months to a year max."

: I will be happy to email anyone my radiology report to prove this --
: which I have as both .JPG and a text file. I just want to help as many
: people out there as I can. Anti-angiogenesis has been around for 20
: years, yet people are still going through expensive surgery,
: hospitalizations, 3 hour infusions, etc. We need this stuff in Clinical
: Trial!! NOW!! But this "protocol" is working in me, and if you are
: told "2 months" why go out miserable?

: This is the article that I based my decision on, with the help of a friend
: who is a biochemist in cancer research at a pharmaceutical company.


: It explains how this combination of 1/4 standard dose of chemo
: combined with a COX-2 inhibitor (They used Vinblastine in the mice
: but there are many others available to try such as Celebrex,
: Thalidomide, TNP470, DC101) chokes off the blood supply to
: tumor. This is a far more humane treatment for somebody with lots of
: tumor and little life expectancy. It is not in clinical trial yet, but there
: are many institutions that are looking into it.

: If you are metastatic with tumor in your body and are being told you
: have no time, if you are tired of standard dose chemo, and being
: wiped out and hospitalized you can REFUSE standard treatment and
: ask that your doctor try this.

: If he/she won't, find one who will. In a month you will know if it is
: working, maybe even sooner. I have found that you must take your
: health care into your own hands, you must educate yourself and be
: your own advocate or find someone who will. If I can help please call
: me

: In lay terms, I explain anti-angiogenesis as if a tumor is a spider. Most
: standard chemo is targeted at the spider's body (tumor cells) but this
: therapy targets his legs (endothelial and stromal cells) without his legs
: he can't feed himself and starves to death.

: Please spread the word about this . . .I want to prevent anyone from
: having to go through the horrors of Standard Dose Chemo if possible.

: Sincerely,
: Sybil Brabner
: Chicago

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