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Posted by Denice Clayton-Adams on November 29, 2000 at 13:07:51:

In Reply to: Low Dose Chemo Shrank My Tumors By Half!! -- No Side Effects posted by Sybil Brabner on November 12, 2000 at 16:28:31:

: My name is Denice Clayton-Adams,

: I am a 38 year old BC patient with mets to the spine. I have tumors ranging from T1 - to the scarum
: I was in the Army in 1994 when I discovered a lump. First, the surgeon said it only needed to be astiprated. As things go in the Army when I went in for that appointment I seen Navy breast cancer surgeon who decided to remove the lump. After surgery he reassure my husband and myself that it was nothing. He had seen lot of cancer lumps and this was not one however, regulation dictated that he had to send it to the lab. A week later the first surgery whom I had work with in the past was telling me, "Good news, bad news. Of course, I wanted the good news first. I was not going to die. The bad news I had breast cancer. Next surgery, lymph nodes 3 out of 14 positive. Chemo and radiation. A year of follow-up. I was send for a bone scan and MRI. I received that call come to my office please as soon as possible. Again, I was working with this oncologist setting up a breast cancer education clinic. My own health did not enter my mind as I sat waiting to see him. Next my husband entered and no I did not call him. This time stem cell transplant might give me 5 years. I went from what I thought was healthy to helpless in weeks. I had to transplant 30 days apart. I lost my hair,sexuality (husband cheated), motherhood (counld care for my 3 children), and my job (Army put me out). I did gain one thing weigh from a size 7 to a 16 in a matter of 3 months. Since this time I have experience 2 more spreads both in the spine. I am thankful for that. Now I am undergoing chemo for the fourth time. Yesterday, my blood counts, white, red, platlets, were to low to get half of the half dose I regularly receive. My CA15-3 indicate the chemo is probably not working. The doctors will not give me anymore chemo until after another MRI. I am scare of being in a wheelchair, flat on my back, or dead. It is hard to look my kids in the eye without crying. My hope started to leave me until I read your letter. Thank you. I am going to take it to my doctors to see if with my stats this might work. I plan to give it a try. My husband is recommending alternative treatments which I know we can not afford. To die is bad enough I won't leave my family financially burden. I am physically and mentally tired. I have been on this rollercoaster 6 years this past September. I read in a book, "When your passport to life has been stamped 'Dying' there is no return, not even to just being sick. I will pray for you. Thanks again for sharing.

Your sister in recovery
Denice Clayton-Adams

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