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Posted by jett on November 29, 2000 at 14:28:04:

In Reply to: small cell lung cancer mets posted by diana on September 13, 2000 at 11:09:25:

: my mother has been treated for small cell lung cancer since 1/2000. she had limited stage , went into remission. she just had a brain scan and cat scan and has been found to have mets in the brain and liver. i just want to warn everyone. her docs took the attitude just live your life and didn't ever think she had a chance so all they did was a chest x ray and brain scan every 3 months.if you have this be very vigilant about insisting on tests if you develop any new symptons. now i don't know what we will do. i just can't conceive of losing her, my brain won't let me do it. how do i prepare myself? she is my best friend. i have been sick to my stumache since i found out yesterday. she cries on the phone, and is scared to death. i live far away . do i go out to see her now? or later? Any advice would be appreciated. she is getting brain radiation to make her feel better, but whatelse i don't know.

I recently lost my mother to lung cancer. She was diagnosed in May 2000 given 10 - 12 months
to live and passed away August 28th 2000. She did radiation treatment 4 weeks out of 7 she
stoped on the advice of three doctors saying that she was to weak to continue the treatments.
she passsed away 3 weeks after stopping the treatments. I do believe that she would have died
sooner without the treatment at all, but I guess you have to try whatever you can. As far as
preparing yourself thats impossible, as far as wether you should go or not each person must
make and live with that decision all on there own. I chose to stay with my mom and was at her
house for 3 months it was very hard but i would do it again if was given the choice again. Just
to be there for support for my mother was not the only reason I was also there for myself. I
thought I was prepared but when she passed in her bed at home I was and still am devastated.
I'm coping but life doesn't seem as easy now and I cry alot, but have good husband, mother-in-
law, sister, brother, and friend support. My sister did not stay with my mom but came out 2 or
3 times during summer, she was not there for the end, she arrived too late. She is now and has
been for over a month going to therapy and taking drugs to get thru her grief. My brother well
he just drinks more but is coping like me with massive support. Best advice if your mother
is truly your best friend as mine was, there is no choice. Go and be with her the treatments
are hell and she needs all the help in any way you can give her. I drove my mom everyday to
her treatment, cooked, cleaned, had as much fun as she felt like haveing and in the end I bathed
her, fed her, rubbed her, sang to her and Prayed over her. My only regret is that she got sick
at all, but that is not in our hands its in gods....

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