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Posted by Natalie on November 30, 2000 at 08:19:16:

In Reply to: Re: To Janet - Ovarian Cancer posted by Janet on November 29, 2000 at 11:05:41:

: : : : : : Hi, My name is Stacey Kessler. And i have posted here before due to alump I found on my neck. That I thought could be cancerous. I was scared out of my mind. Worst feeling in the world. Turned out to be nothing, thank god. But just that little scare shows me how scarey it could be to have the disease. People who have it are in my mind the strongest and bravest people. And I just wanted anyone who needs to let me know. I am a very good listener. And would love to make new friends. I probably wont receive anything back from this. But i just want everyone to know I do care about you even though I may not know you. And if you ever need to talk about anything, please write me. Thank you so much.

: : : : : : Take care.

: : : : : Hi Stacey, I have been thinking about you. I am glad you can put your mind to rest! What did the doc say the lump was? Your message was very thoughtful and I hope someone takes you up on it. Take Care, Janet

: : : : Janet,
: : : : I replied to your message on the new healthboards message board. Have you had a chance to read it? I was wondering if
: : : : you did the CA-125 test yet to test for ovarian cancer.

: : : : Take Care
: : : : Natalie

: : :
: : : Hi Natalie. Thank you for your response. I asked my former GYN for a CA-125 test and he said that a lot of things other than ovarian cancer will cause a positive result, causing undue alarm, so he didn't recommend one for me. I am now seeing another GYN and I am going to ask her for the test. My fears seem so unrealistic because I am only 33, I have four kids and breastfed them all, I was on the pill before I began having kids (for four years), and there is no cancer in my family. I don't have one risk factor (other than being female!!). The problem is this abdominal pain I have. I was originally diagnosed with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (I think I mentioned this in my original message). The symptoms of IBS are very similar to that of ovarian and colon cancer. That is what has me so scared. My former GYN did do a vaginal ultrasound and everything was fine. My new GYN did a very thourgh rectal exam. She said she can feel the ovaries better that way. She said my ovaries were nice and small. I will, however take your advice and ask for the test just to put my mind to rest. Thanks again for caring enough to respond. Janet

: : Janet,
: : I have similiar symptoms of abnominal pain as you have described. My OB/GYN said it is from scar tissue, perhaps from having two C-sections.
: : Did you have your children naturally. Other things can also cause abnominal scarring that cause pain and discomfort. I am not
: : totally convinced that is what my problem is so I will also be persuing an answer. I have a new primary care physician and I am going to ask
: : her for a lower GI to make sure everything is OK in that area.

: : Keep In Touch,
: : Natalie

: Hi Natalie. I had all of my children naturally. The only thing my new GYN said was that I have a mild case of endometriosis and some small fibroids. She put me on the birth control pill, which is supposed to help with both. The pain didn't go away. I notice it is worse when I ovulate and when I have my period. Since you are looking into possible digestive problems, I might be able to help you a little in that department! I do know that diverticulosis, which are like little hernias in the colon (little outpouches), can cause pain, especially when food or feces gets stuck in them. They say that the pain from this can be worse when you ovulate because things swell up down there putting pressure on them. This is one of the things they found when they did my lower GI. The colonoscopy I will have on Dec. 8 is the last test they could possibly do in the quest for looking for the cause of my abdominal pain as far as the digestive system is concerned. I call it the granddaddy of all tests because if there is something wrong it will find it. If you are going to be having any digestive tests, let me know. I can tell you what to expect, because as of the 8th I will have had them all! Do I remember right, that your mom had/has ovarian cancer?
: Talk Soon, Janet

Hi Janet,
Thanks for the info. on diverticulosis. I will ask my doctor about that one. I do experience abnominal pain and my OB/GYN thinks it from endometriosis (scar tissue) but it feels more like digestive to me. The doctor did say that abnominal pain
with endometriosis never goes away. It is because the scar tissue caused by endometriosis is always there and that is what causes the pain.

Yes, my mother does not ovarian cancer. She has been fighting it for three years and it currently in remission. Although she continued chemotherapy because the doctor feels like there may be some cancer cells still in the area of the original tumor
that will sprout back up if she does not continue to fight them. Hopefully she will only have one or two more treatments and then she can take a break. The doctors follow she case closely and she had a full scale of tests done every three months or
more often if necessary. So far she had been very lucky having been diagnosed in stage 3 the prognosis is not always that good.

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