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Posted by Paul Winter on December 01, 2000 at 11:17:26:

In Reply to: bone cancer posted by gary on November 28, 2000 at 14:42:54:

: Has anyone had bone cancer and had limb sparing surgery
: versus amputation. I am looking for information and other input on the subject.

I am the webmaster for the Cancell Home page. Cancell is a safe, alternative cancer treatment. I do not sell anything. My motivation and background:

I collect case histories of people using Cancell. The following is the only case history I have regarding bone cancer. The bone cancer was a secondary cancer and the patient started Cancell too late (Cancell needs a body that can survive at least three months) however, it seems that Cancell was working due to the reduced pain expereinced by the patient.

Case history: Prostate Cancer that spread to bones, widespread and advanced stage, patient 78 year old male, started Cancell orally August 14, 1999, taken for 2 1/2 months with A regularity (never missed a dose). " He did not seem to experience the excruciating pain that most people said bone cancer would produce." He died Oct 31, 2000, no chemo was taken. Also took: bromelaine, echinacea, Willards Water.

Cancell has a long history of success and suppression which is explained on the Cancell Home page:

The tremendous advantage that alternative treatments have over surgery is based on the difficulty in locating all the cancer. The following case history describes an all too common pattern:

All conventional treatments run the risk of spreading or causing more cancer. For this reason the typical pattern of seeking alternative treatment after the failure of conventional treatment is backwards in the extreme.

For cases where conventional treatment has the poorest success rate, such as pancreatic cancer, patients are convinced to take chemo almost immediately. Hello doctor! If a doctor tells you that your type of cancer has a low success rate, that success rate is for conventional treatments not for alternative treatments. Why take the known-to-be-ineffective treatment? This is all the more reason to try alternative treatments before ruining your immune system with chemo which prevents most other treatments from working.

Chemo works the worst on slow growing cancers, such as carcinoid cancers (mostly found in the small intestine), prostate, breast, testicular, and ovarian cancers. These are the type of cancers where your doctor should recognize that you have time to try alternatives that do not risk spreading (surgery) or causing more cancer (radiation and chemo). Effects of conventional treatments from my excerpts from the book World Without Cancer by Griffin:


Safe, alternative treatments usually treat the cause of an illness, but each illness can have a number of causes. This causes some alternative treatments to be effective in only 25% of the cases (a fact used by traditional doctors to dissuade patients from alternatives which encourages scorn from a doctors peers).

Beware of Bull

We constantly hear "Be sure to consult a qualified medical doctor before making treatment decisions." Medical doctors don't use nutrition or herbs to treat, they use drugs. In the USA, more people die each year from complications due to prescription drugs than from auto accidents.

I have seen hundreds of warnings about medical scams from main stream medical sources. Although these sources can produce numerous examples, the truth is that scams are extremely rare. The real dangers come from main stream medicine.

Cancell Home page:

Paul Winter

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