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Posted by Phil McClary on December 16, 2000 at 03:59:19:

In Reply to: Re: Agent Orange/ service connected posted by rosilita on July 13, 2000 at 21:39:20:

: : Just recovered from surgery #6 to remove tumors in my abdomen... had follow up with the doc a few days ago... he found 2 more. Now he tells me "I would like to get you in as soon as possible to explore your options".

: : My lungs are covered in spots, my remaining kidney is now affected, I have this stuff all through me... I dont know what options he could mean... when just a month ago he said there wasnt much he could do. Im tired of all the scans, biopsies, worrying, surgeries, pain & the attitude that goes with it.

: : It took the geniouses at the VA 6 yrs to make a real diagnosis. Im sure that had something to do with the progress. I know most of the delay was the BS of insisting I had a problem & their wanting to cover their behinds. ("We never sprayed in the area where ground troops were".... yeah right) Finally, they admit Agent Orange causes this stuff... & theres not much they can do about it.

: : With 2nd rate docs & last century's technology, I feel like I dont have much of a chance. The mental stuff is harder to live with than the physical. Makes me really crazy sometimes. Im not sure what my point or question was... I lost that somewhere in all my rambling... so Ill end here & thanks for listening.

: : Take care & have a good day.

: : Red Rover Three Six....................................out

: red rover , there is a web site called "agent oarnge victims and families in touch" all the people affected like you correspond to each other. you might also find someone with your physical symptons who is getting better care then you are which may help you. its a disgusing shame what our government did to all of you.

if any vet has a child with spina bifida contact the VA now help is son got benefit one year ago plus med card for any associated problems it took about 8 months but it was taken care of finally good luck and don't give up!

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