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Re: Hearing problems with my Mom

Re: Hearing problems with my Mom

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Posted by Betty D. on October 30, 2000 at 09:43:34:

In Reply to: Hearing problems with my Mom posted by Grams on October 29, 2000 at 09:34:32:

: My mother is an Alzheimers Patient. She is currently living in a Nursing Home with an Alz. unit. These are hard to find where I live Small town, in Ms.). She is usually combative when she doesn't get her way and has a potty mouth to anybody and everybody, But this week has been awful---cursing, hitting staff & other patients, spitting---you name it, she's done it. I've noticed that she keeps looking at you like she doesn't know what you're talking about. I think I have found the problem, I just don't know how to go about solving it. I don't think she can HEAR and when she can't, she doesn't have the mental capability to explain it to whomever she's speaking to. She then gets angry. It would be extremely frustating to a person who had all their mental faculties! I have had to get VERY close to her ear and almost yell to get her to understand what I am asking her or telling her to do. I have discussed this with the NH physcian, the staff, and even the doctors at the ER(where I spent most of last night with her). I asked them all about getting an exam to see. One dr. told me to just leave her alone, the others said that they didn't think an exam would tell them much because the person being examined needs to be co-operative enough to follow orders during the test. Well, I don't see this. It seemsto me that if it IS a hearing problem causing the combativness, fix THIS and possoibly solve the other problem. Am I the stupid one? Or can someone tell me how, who, or what I need to do???? This is the second nrsing home and there were Personal Care facilities before that. No one will keep her for long with her aggressive and combative behavior. The facility she is presently in now has tried harder than any of the others and are still trying, but things just seem to go from bad to worse. I can't keep her in MY home as I have three small grandchildren living with me. I did TRY, but she was up all night trying to get out of the house and yelling and cursing and hitting. I am at my wits end! And yes, she IS on medication for the Alz. If ANYONE can give me any insight into what I can do at this point, PLEASE HELP!!!

Gram: What a frustrating problem you do have! I think your idea of a hearing test is very logical, but getting her to coorporate is another question. I am sure the Drs. have her on proper meds, but have they tried changing meds for the anxiety. I am a caretaker for my 7l yr. old husband with Dementia and Parkinson's. Every med we tried for sleep, worked in the reverse. Haven't found a sedative yet to work properly. Also, we are finding(after changing many times) that the meds for anxiety causes much confusion. He is ambulatory, but has vivid dreams and hallucinations daily. He never has been combative,so that would be another story. Another caretaker had her mom put on Remeron, and it worked for her. We tried it without any results.
I would keep trying for some drug for anxiety.
I am also from a sm. town in NW Ms. There aren't many facilities for this type of care there, either. I wish I had some magic words or remedy for you. Is she still ambulatory? How old is she? Is she combative with you? Can she carry on any type of conversation that is logical? Does the facility where she is let pets visit? In this N.H. they do allow pets, and it seems to have a very calming affect on patients.....just a thought. Best of luck to you. You really have a big challenge before you...just wish I could help. I send you prayers and blessings.
Betty D.

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