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Re: Another day of hell with my mother!!!!!!!!

Re: Another day of hell with my mother!!!!!!!!

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Posted by Grams on October 31, 2000 at 20:47:42:

In Reply to: Re: Another day of hell with my mother!!!!!!!! posted by Betty D. on October 31, 2000 at 12:00:53:

: : I want to say thanks to Betty D. I welcome ur prayers. I'll be sure to remember u in mine. Today was awful! I thought maybe if I just went to the nursing home & spent the day with her, somehow that would help her. It didn't. I have been kicked, punched, slapped, spit on, and cursed at so much today until I feel as tho I need to reserve a room there myself. She is on Serequil and some other drug that they just started her on today. They also have had to give her injections of Adavan. Nothing seems to work. She finally went to sleep tonight about 9:00 from sheer exhaustion. The hearing is worsening with no apparent reason. The way she is behaving there is no way to even LOOK in her ears, let alone do a hearing test. The home has been really good to her --and to us, but I don't know how much more than can handle. She upsets the other patients and has hit some of them before they could stop her.She is ambulatory--no walker even tho she had a hip replacement in Sept. She's like the Energizer Bunny!! The anger and combativeness is a constant. Sometimes she talks rationally, again she hallucinates, saying we're beating her and that people are trying to get her. In actuality, SHE is the one who is hitting! I keep praying that something will work. I just don't want her to be so completely drugged that she knows nothing. Since last Dec., she has used up 181 days of the allowed 190 days LIFETIME psychiatric care that Medicare provides.I am at my witts end. I hate to see a person who has been so independent all her life have to go thru this. Please keep her and her caretakers in ur prayers.

: Grams: So sorry for you terrible day with your mom yesterday. I would like for you to send your email(perhaps you could copy and paste) to another Caregivers Message Board. It is [email protected] This is a group of approx. 47 Caretakers. Some, of which, do take care of Alz. parents, and can offer much more than I. All the ladies(and we do have 3 gentlemen) are so nice and offer their suggestions, and always their prayers for anyone in need. You will get many answers to your posts.
: I would like to keep in touch. You can email me at [email protected] Prayers are still coming your way. Betty D.

Thanks again, Betty. I know for a fact that prayer works. She has been a little quieter today. The medication seems to be working better and hasn't taken as long today to take affect. the other drug they started her on is Prolixin. I plan on doing some research on it which I haven't yet. I appreciate the web address for you and the support group. I am sure that somewhere out there someone else has had much the same experience. It's always good to have someone understand what ur going thru. I just wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy. I really think it's almost worse than losing someone you love to death. this is like a living death---they are no longer the person you knew and loved. I will be sure to keep in touch and I will certainly try the support group you suggested. Again, thanks!

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