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Re: Successful Treatment to CTS

Re: Successful Treatment to CTS

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Posted by Lisa on April 20, 2000 at 14:18:13:

In Reply to: Re: Successful Treatment to CTS posted by Brenda on December 21, 1999 at 00:03:14:

: Brenda, I was very encouraged by your message. I am facing my appt with the ortho hand surgeon on 5/10/00. How do I reach Kramer Comm? Do they have a web cite or an email address. Pls reply to me at my email address @ [email protected] Lisa.

: I would have to completely disagree with the person that stated surgery rarely cures carpal tunnel syndrome. I happen to work for a hand specialist and his rate of cure for carpal tunnel release is very high. People come from all over to have surgery done by him. The surgeon you pick has a lot to do with your result. Was surgery done endoscopicly? That is not a good way to have a release done. The physician I work for has repaired many endoscopic carpal tunnel releases where either a nerve was cut or a carpal tunnel release was not even done. He takes a camera with him into the operating room when he is repeating a CTR done previously by someone else endoscopicaly. Time is needed to let all post surgical wounds completely heal. Stretching the hand back may do damage. Be patient and write to Krames Communications for a free brochure on both open and endo carpal tunnel release.
: : Surgery rarely solves CTS. It merely opens the area more .... that then allows for additional swelling to occur. The cause is actually contracted muscle bellies. The problem won't be resolved long term until you work on re-lengthening these muscel bellies, taking the repeated strains off of the tendons. There are a few Massage Therapists out there who understand a muscle release technique of stretching massage. Most of the people who have undergone this form of non-invasive treatment have had their symptoms resolved in 4 to 6 weeks. Have her start to stretch her hand back for 2 seconds then release, at different rotational angles for 5 minutes a session, twice per day (morning and evening) per forearm. She needs to strecth at the finger tips. Then have her do the same for the extensor muscles, by closing her fist and stretching the extensors in the same way. this should resolve her problem on a more permanent basis after a week or two.

: : Rob

: : : My girlfriend had surgery three weeks ago on her right hand and it is still burning and swelling after the stitches were removed. if anyone can give me any tips please e-mail at the above address. thank you.

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