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Re: carpel tunnel and workmans comp.

Re: carpel tunnel and workmans comp.

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Posted by Lora on May 08, 2000 at 03:51:21:

In Reply to: Re: carpel tunnel and workmans comp. posted by Betty on October 09, 1999 at 08:25:51:

: : : hi I am new to this ng.
: : : i reported my problem at work and told them
: about my uncontrolable pain in my wrists. and the
: numbness. and the dr. put me on light duty with
: no productive level on my work. before my injury
: i was doing data entry for one year. they had me
: doing filing that was hurting my hands and then
: they had me doing sorting of papers but my one
: supervisor said i was going to slow and i
: shouldnt be going that slow. they got mad when i
: got a lawyer. and isolated me from everyone took
: me off my desk put me in a room by myself. the
: long and short of it is the insurance company
: brought a physical therapist and she saw the
: inappropriate desk they had me at and how i was
: doing my work. and the company told me to do what
: ever she said. so she showed me how to do the
: sorting in a grand full motioned style well i was
: doing it the way she said and they told me that i
: was not productive enough and not to come back
: till my hands get better. i know my job is gone.
: but my question is... can they do that? all the
: drs. i have gone to say i have bilateral carpel
: tunnel and the last dr. said that he could get my
: hands back to the way they were but notbetter so
: they will hurt again doing that job. so i should
: look for something else . this was my career. i
: dont know what i am going to do. my job is gone
: what kinda work can i do? i have the sliting of
: the wrists and the numbness. i asked the dr about
: a simple cashier postion he said that was notgood
: i think i am loosing my right hand that is what
: i am fearing the most i wake up and the arm does
: not for 1 1/2 hours of rubbing. i am taking a
: six day supply of methylprednisolone which i am
: taking from the last dr. but not under his
: supervision i dont have a reg dr. just going to
: who they tell me to. i have an appt for an emg
: that is scaring me. but i dont know what to do/
: : : does anyone have suggestions as for types of
: work i can do? i have been in the customer
: service/data entry field for 5 years. and i am
: 28.

: : : thank you if u can answer some of my conserns

: : : chrissy

: : Don't worry about the EMG Chrissy, I had one 2
: weeks ago and there is nothing to it. If your
: work caused you to get the carpal tunnel, then
: get yourself a lawyer! If you have surgery and do
: not get any better and the doctor tells you that
: you cannot ever do that work again, you can sue
: the workman comp. company. They will have to pay
: for you to get another education to learn
: something new! Do not worry, go get your EMG and
: let the docs decide what to do. I have been there
: and have been treated like you are! In the end I
: will win and so will you!

: The first step is letting your employer know you have a hand or wrist injury. Then your employer should fill out a workers comp form and give you the address of a doctor to see. From there on, you, your doctor and your employer work together on a plan that's right for you. This may include a change in job duties, therapy, medication, certain tests, surgery or other options. This should all be covered under workers comp. However, if your employer does not cooperate by filling out the proper paperwork so that you can see a doctor, you may consider other options. You can look up workers comp in your phone book, speak to someone about your concerns and ask for their suggestions. Seeking out an attorney can be considered if all other avenues have failed. It is most important to document everything including phone calls, names and dates of people you have spoken with, doctors you have seen, tests that have been done, etc. The more information you have, the better you can present your case or claim. Remember it will take time and a lot of patience on your part. Eventually employers will realize that carpel tunnel is a serious problem that needs to be addressed and dealt with properly. By doing so promptly, problems can be eliminated for the employer and the employee. Good luck to you in you endeavor.

I am in need of any suggestions in dealing with a work comp claim. Please email me. Thank you in advance. Lora

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