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Re: carpal tunnel surgery problems

Re: carpal tunnel surgery problems

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Posted by BIgD on June 26, 2000 at 14:06:39:

In Reply to: carpal tunnel surgery problems posted by sue on May 30, 2000 at 14:27:56:

: I was wondering if anybody has had this problem. I had carpal tunnel surgery done about 6 weeks ago. It stemmed actually from elbow pain then my hand started falling asleep alot and aching. Nerve test showed + for cts.. After surger their was terrible bruising on palm and wrist. People would even stop me and ask what happened to you. No therapy was recommended or wrist brace or anything actually. Well I was having problems with my fingers and wrist aching about three weeks ago and then I tripped over the cat in the middle of a tornado warning and fell on my scar . That brought tears to my eyes. It was terrible. Well now I am having this: pain, numbness achiness in little and ring finger. Pain with burning in wrist and pain in base of thumb. Also some pain in other fingers but not as bad as little finger. I can't hold open a book for long or hold a phone for over 5 minutes without pain. Can't push a grocery cart that is half full either. Area of scar and base of hand is quite swollen still. I have to see the doctor tomorrow and am wondering what he will do. Their is no way I can return to work, which is fast line assembly. Has anybody else had these symptoms?

If you are having pain in your little finger and on the side of the ring finger closest to it, this
has nothing to do with CTS. Those one-and-one-half digits are connected to the ulnar nerve
(outside the CT) rather than the median nerve (which passes through the CT). I'd get to a
doctor for further examination, sell the cat, and move to New England where there are
few tornadoes.

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