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Re: recomendation for wrist splints

Re: recomendation for wrist splints

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Posted by Bonnie Bashor on July 10, 2000 at 16:24:47:

In Reply to: Re: recomendation for wrist splints posted by Lady D on March 05, 2000 at 09:39:15:

: Thank you for your posting on this subject -- This is my first experience with finding and wearing a cock-up splint. At first I thought I had Carpal Tunnel -- but the Dr. Calls it Tendinitis -- and recommended this type of splint over the others. --- (They sure are expensive!!!)

I did find an on-line site with a little better prices tho --- (gonna try that) -- and YES -- you sure do wanna WASH The darned things -- (phew) -- Best wishes to you !

Brand names may or may not matter, but as someone who's been wearing splints for almost 20 years now, I can make the following recommendations:
: You need what is sometimes called a "cock-up splint" (!) that keeps your wrist in a straight, neutral position. Do not buy splints with flexible stays. You need rigid stays.
: The long splints that cover most of your forearm are better if your symptoms are severe. If your symptoms are mild, the shorter ones are OK.
: Try to get splints with stays both at the palm and the back of the hand. Ads will note this as "dorsal and palmar stays."
: Try to get splints where you can remove the stays--believe me, you will want to wash the casings after a while!
: If you can, try to find splints that are made of woven fabric and not vinyl. Vinyl gets cracked and little pieces will break off and end up in your bed.
: I don't think there is any such thing, but if you can find splints that fasten without Velcro, get them. Velcro picks up lint from your bed and after awhile it loses its sticking ability.
: One final thing: when you wear the splints, adjust them to be snug but not too tight. If they're too tight they'll hamper your circulation and your hands won't be able to rest and heal right.
: Hope this helps.

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