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Re: 24 years old, tingling in fingers and arms, have been taking hydrocodone for years, just had a baby. Is this carpal?

Re: 24 years old, tingling in fingers and arms, have been taking hydrocodone for years, just had a baby. Is this carpal?

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Posted by Deborah on August 13, 2000 at 23:53:24:

In Reply to: Re: 24 years old, tingling in fingers and arms, have been taking hydrocodone for years, just had a baby. Is this carpal? posted by Ronda on August 09, 2000 at 19:37:37:

: : : Hi. I am only 24 years old and i had a baby 2 months ago. I NEVER had this tingling in my fingers and arms (mainly in fingers), until
: : : after i had my daughter 2 months ago. I have gone to 1 doc and he didnt even do a test on me at all. He just gave me some Arthrotec, an anti-steriodal drug, which i cant even take cause
: : : i am breastfeeding. I am sooooo scared of losing all function of my hands, and having nerve damage that cant be fixed. I wont be able to feed or hold my baby, play my music, or work on the computer.
: : : I have also been on hydrocodone for migraines for 3 years and i have wondered if this pain killer can cause CTS because it affects the nervous system? This tingling is getting worse and i dont have any money
: : : to go anywhere right now. I will have to wait for at least 3 months. I am so scared. I need some help PLEASE!!!!! I am too young to have to deal with this crap. I need my hands!!! I have heard of taking antioxidants,
: : : but which ones do i take? Can i take them while breastfeeding? What kind of pain medication can i get for this pain? Hydrocodone doesnt help with it. Has anyone heard of this tingling happening from having a baby?
: : : Could it be because my circulation isnt as strong as it was when i was pregnant and it is getting back to normal? I also feel very weak, almost like i want to pass out and i am out of breath. Has anyone heard of
: : : having a baby, or taking hydrocodone, to cause CTS or tingling in fingers? PLEASE help!!!!!!

: : It sounds like you need to talk to your doctor again with the weakness & feeling like you will pass out
: : . For the numbness & tingling in your hands, have you ever tried wearing wrist braces at night
: : . If not, try it & see if it helps. I know how scary this can be. Just recovering from carpal tunnel
: : surgery on both hands. I am doing real well, but recovery does take longer than doctors said.
: : Also, have you ever had your thyroid checked? It sometimes is tied in to cts & could also make
: : you tired & weak. Best wishes to you! Hug your baby a lot, they grow up so fast. My "baby" is
: : 22 years old & the time flew bye. Deborah P.S. Check out vitamin b-6 .

: Deborah,
: Thanks for replying. I have heard about Vitamin B6 helping so i bought some. I got the 100mg a day dose cause that is what i heard to take. I also read that
: the recommended daily dosage is 2mg and i am taking 100! I read that taking too much can kill you, but i dont know exactly how much. I hope 100mg isnt too
: much? Do you know if this amount is safe? Also, i had all kind of blood work done, and my thyroid stimulating hormone was 1.83. I do have high cholesterol of
: 282, and my triglycerides is 352! I am breastfeeding so i cant take any meds and it sucks! I will have to stop bf as soon as i am able to afford to go see a doctor.
: I am soooooooo depressed cause i wanted to bf as long as possible for my baby girl. I am so upset over this and i would just suffer and continue to bf her, but i heard
: that if you dont treat the Carpal, you can lose use of your hands and can get permanent nerve damage. Then i wont be able to hold, feed, or do anything with my baby.
: Well, thanks again for replying. Would you mind emailing me personally to tell me what you have had to go through having Carpal? I heard the EEG (hope that is what]
: it is called) test is very painful? Can you tell me about that and the surgery details? PLEASE? I would appreciate it so i know what to expect. Thanks!

: Ronda

Hi Ronda, I will be glad to e-mail to you, but I don't see an address for you here. Post it & I will reply back. If your symptoms are carpal tunnel syndrom it can take awhile to develop permanent nerve damage. I had symptoms off & on for @4years before I felt I had to do something to preserve my quality of life. So please don't worry too much. How often do you take the hydrocodone? I don't imagine it is very good during breast feeding. How is your baby? Best Wishes & God Bless. Deborah

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