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Re: Taking vacation/sick days

Re: Taking vacation/sick days

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Posted by Deborah on August 28, 2000 at 18:01:09:

In Reply to: Taking vacation/sick days posted by emm on August 26, 2000 at 16:19:52:

: I called our perosnnel office last May, asking if they have brochures on Carpal Tunnel because my hands got stiffed
: and had pain in my forearms to my shoulders. they sent me to health services and i was sent to physical therapy for a month.
: things got better for a while but in the next follow-up at the health services the pain didn't go away.
: the nurse told me to see my doctor for sugar and thyroid tests. they are all negative. but the pain and
: discomorts is starting to build up. last monday was the first time i felt i want to stop working and just go home and rest my hands.
: i took two days off but my hands are still hurting. there's coldness and sharp pain in my wrists, forearms /shoulders.

: the nurse told me they will schedule a nerve test. and finally i am scheduled to see a doctor.

: apparently this clinic is my employer's own worker's comp clinic. i didn't realize that. the nurse made my next appointment
: with the doctor only after i told her i was surpised that my personal doctor will not see me
: about this condition becuase it's workers comp.

: my employers insurance company made me see a hand specialist for a confirmation. i was there for about five minutes.
: he asked me what's the problem why i as sent to the 'principal's office. i was just six-months with my job and he
: said that's the problem. but he did say it's repititive stress in his report.

: i am surprised that after ergonomic evaluation/adjustments, therapy and putting more exercise/meditation thigns are getting worst.
: and i feel that my employer's insurance company, my employers own clinic are really after my own
: benefit for theirs. i feel they don't believe me. and now it feels like going to the vets when i go to the clinic.

: i am inclined to use my sick days and vacation time to rest my hands, but i feel i need the clinic to agree with me.
: again, i feel they are looking out for my best interest.

: i just don't want this to get worst. i spent a day with my nephew and just holding his hand out for a walk hurts.

: thanks for the advice.
You need to check with the state that you reside in's industrial labor board to find out your rights under worker's compensation law. I don't know how it is where you live, but where I live you have the right to go to the doctor of your choice. It must be preauthorized and can be a long & tedious process for you. The comp insurance may also send you to doctors of their choice for another opinion. You need to be careful and document what is going on. Write down appointments, phone calls & the name of whom you spoke to. Keep copies of all your correspondance. Best of luck to you & don't give up. Deborah

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