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Re: bi lateral cubital and carpal tunnel...can it get any worse?whos got a success story to tell?

Re: bi lateral cubital and carpal tunnel...can it get any worse?whos got a success story to tell?

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Posted by Muffins on September 15, 2000 at 14:57:36:

In Reply to: bi lateral cubital and carpal tunnel...can it get any worse?whos got a success story to tell? posted by markj on August 30, 2000 at 01:29:37:

: im 32 and have worked as a tennis coach for 10 years and also as a musician ....2 years ago i managed to quit tennis and fullfil my ambition as a pro in the london music scene,a year ago it all stopped when overnight i lost the feeling in both hands...this is 99% at night...its not painful though...i can take pain but i need sleep...every night i wake 6 times pumped full of tablets....the specialists have told me the only solution is surgery but nothing else has been due for my first op on 7 sept.i dont specifically know whats caused this,ive had tendon damage in my elbow,broken both wrists and broken my left arm in 5 places and at the elbow..but both arms started overnight.i dont really know why im writing...maybe looking for some success stories ,please!!! i cant sleep and ,i get so tired i end up being sick evry other a proud guy who was looking to support a family soon can i do that with no job etc....i couldnt burden anyone else with this.hey this is good therapy,im getting it all out.can someone give me a success story or 2 and some indication of recovery times for both operations? i avoid the word depressed,i cant look at failure its too scary,amazingly everyone comes to me for positive advice etc.,i hide my fear well,but this elbow operation sounds pretty grusome,i dont want people around me to feel sorry for me as id probable lose sight of the light at the end of the tunnel....anyway whos got a positive story to tell?

I had the carpal tunnel surgery 8 weeks ago. I know the feeling of not sleeping, it's not the pain as much as the lack of sleep.

Carpal tunnel surgery was a great success, no more symptoms just some post op pain, to be expected, but would do it again to get out of what I was going hru.

My problem now is I returned to work one week ago, do a lot of transciption. Work for a greta company that told me not to push myself etc.. So started out typing a bit a day, amost immediately pain in my opposite arm, however it's different, from my diagnosis it's cubital tunnel. I work in the medical profession and the drs. I work with have pretty much agreed with me. Going back to the dr. for the first surgery next wedneday and hopefully get an answer to this second problem.... Good luck

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