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Re: EMG test high, CTS with nerve damage. Will surgery help?

Re: EMG test high, CTS with nerve damage. Will surgery help?

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Posted by Carol L on October 03, 2000 at 10:32:24:

In Reply to: Re: EMG test high, CTS with nerve damage. Will surgery help? posted by Deeborah on September 30, 2000 at 22:43:35:

: : I finally was referred to a Ortho- Hand Dr. I had a serious injury to my left hand and I also told him about the numbness and pain in my right hand so they did a EMG which tested 6.4 and above. The Doc scheduled me in Dec(thats how booked up he is) for CT release surgery. I have been wearing a wrist splint for almost two monts with no relief. I feel a burning pain most of the time raidiating up my arm with numbness in all fingers except the pinky and sometime I get a catching feeling and sharp pain. The Doc says the surgery will help but he says I have had CTS for along time and I have nerve damage. So he doesn't think my hand will ever become normal. I am in a cast on my left hand for Hyperextention of the thumb. I torn all the tendons around the thumb joint and damaged the tendon. I will also need surgery for this. My questions are for the CTS. Do you all think I should have the surgery even if my hand will most likely still have some numbness? If I do not do the surgery what will happen to my hand? Any advice, info tips success stories or failures are welcome. I am not sure what to do and I am completely lost without my hands. I train Search and Rescue dogs for a living and now I can't work at all. Thank you, Raven

: Raven, Sorry to hear of your injury. I had CTS for a few years & had to wear braces at night for a few years to keep the numbness & pain in check. I had surgery in May on each of my wrists. It is wonderful not to wear the braces at night anymore & I am doing physical therapy exercises to build the strength back in my hands. I think it was definately worth it. Your muscles will continue to deteriorate if you just let it go. I am not saying I am totally pain free, but I am much better than before. Go to a specialist with an excellent reputation. My doctor did an open CT release on me. He does not feel the endoscopic surgery is perfected enough yet & people are coming out of surgery with permanent nerve damage. Best wishes & I hope you will be back to training dogs soon!

I would still recomend the surgery...if you don't have it you will eventually lose the use of your hand. and who knows how much relief you will get until you have it.

Carol L

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