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Re: Workmans Comp Claim for CTS

Re: Workmans Comp Claim for CTS

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Posted by Mike on October 09, 2000 at 12:54:11:

In Reply to: Workmans Comp Claim for CTS posted by Stacey Kessler on September 21, 2000 at 00:17:07:

: I started having symptoms of CTS about 3 months ago, i made a complaint at work and they instantly fixed the problem i belive caused CTS. I was not set up properly at my work station. I do medical billing and would be typing approx 9 hours a day/6 days a week. But anyways, I went to their doctor (W/C doctor) he treated meterrible from the first time i went in there. He first told me it was tendiontis then it got worse dramatically and told me he thought it was carpal tunnel. So the pain got so bad, that he put so many restrictions on my job that my employer couldnt find me anything to do, so they sent me home. Due to their doctor not wanting to take me off of work. Quote from him " I dont care how much pain your in, i will not take you out of work, you will be in pain at work or home so you might as well be at work" So i had to deal with it, because nobody was helping me at all. Like i was a liar or caused the problem myself. So i went off of work, and havent gotten a cent from Workmans Comp yet. They put my claim on hold, several months ago. And my waiting time of course, was me waiting to take my EMG test. Which i took today, and it was very painful. The doc said that he didnt see any damage done to my nerves. But he was going to do alittle more calculating first. Now if this comes out negative. What am I lieing? Im sure thats what theyre going to think. IM so fed up with waiting, and being pushed around. *I* didnt cause this problem. I hate being out of work. Trust me if i wanted to just be out of work, i wouldn tof taken that EMG test, knowing how painful it was. Im too scared of pain. I just want this overwith. So now my NEXT step is to wait til my appt with the Hand specialist on the 3rd of October to get the results. I just dont know whats going to happen after that, if the test came back negative. I have every symptom of carpal tunnel. And now that i have taken the test im in even more pain. Im just so frustrated. SO i read some of the posts and I completely understand how your feeling. If anyone would like to rwite back with any advise it would be so GREATLY appreciated. *whew* alot of typing and my wrists are about to break off.

I had RH CTS surgery in 11/98, getting LH CTS surgery next month, all covered via NYS workers comp. Get a lawyer, the system is a bunch of bull, keyword is "system". See more than one lawyer if the first dosent want to handle it. Been a technical writer, both manually and computer for 15 yrs, it will catch up to all of us. Good posture and correct equipment is essential. Good Luck.

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