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Re: Pain and Numbness 15 months after CTS surg.

Re: Pain and Numbness 15 months after CTS surg.

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Posted by Tammy on November 01, 2000 at 21:20:28:

In Reply to: Re: Pain and Numbness 15 months after CTS surg. posted by Chris on October 20, 2000 at 21:45:54:

: Hi Tammy, the nerve may be pinched somewhere else that's causing your problems, i had surgery on my left hand but mine was just like an ache in the wrist and some tingling, never numb, well after surgery it felt pretty good, but i still have all kinds of pain, even more...

: : I need help has any one else had the problem of pain and numbness after having surgery???? Mine was somewhat better when I went back to work 7 weeks after surgery. But not totaly. I have been to OT off and on over the last 7 years with the same porblems. When the emg finaly came back (+) for my right hand had surgery and still have pain and just lightly rubbing your finger across the palm of my hand will send me through the roof with pins and needles. Why????? I have been to a IME exam because this is all work related and they say there is nothing wrong with me that can be fixed by surgery but that is all they will say. And they say not permanent disability but I am in pain all the time. I work in a very busy and growing x-ray dept. That is totaly computers now and it is just getting worse. I am going for another opion at the end of the month any ideas?????????????

Well I went to get another opion about the pain I an in and was told that short of finding a new line of work there was nothing to be done about my pain part of my problem is a hyper sensitive nerve in my hand. And as for the pain in my wrist elbows and up into my shoulders I was told to just deal with it. I am sure my claim is about to be closed so I guess I am just sol. I was also told that I show some signs of CT in the left hand but not enough to do any thing about at this point. But this was told to me without a emg. Because the one I had in Jan was normal. Never mind the fact that when they finaly found the problem in my right hand 6 months before it was normal then I had another emg and it showed moderate CTS. I guess I am just going to have to wait until I can no longer do my job or even do the daily tasks of living. Any suggestions?????

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