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Posted by Mike C. on November 29, 2000 at 02:27:10:

In Reply to: Re: *Frustrated* Dunno what to do posted by Mikel on November 27, 2000 at 01:16:49:

: : Hello, I have posted alot on here about my problems with Carpal Tunnel and Workmans Comp. Now i decided once the doctor gave me another thing i had to do, which would be painful. I decided to drop the whole workmans comp case and just go to my normal physician and get this fixed once and for all. Well now the pain hurts even more, i tried going back to work, doing some other type of work. IN home health aide, instead of medical billing. That is too much for me also. Now I dunno if i should get a lawyer or I should just do what they want once again, which is take coritizone shots in my wrists to see how i react to them, and that will tell the doc if i have carpal tunnel or not. Which sounds bull to me. I did an Emg it came out negative. I hae all the symptoms but they love just stringing me along. Anyone have some advise. I wanted to give up because i was so tired of all the trouble from it, but the pain isnt worth it. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanx so much.

: I am starting my 3rd mounth recovery.Still hurts a little while sleeping,but before I could not function.Now I can drive my car almost without pain.What I did mainly was stop all activity.DMSO seemed to help some.Everything else I useed was also MSM,vtimin b and c,zinc,magnesium,calcium and long hot soaks everday.Cold makes my left wrist still hurt a lot like wrestling my Thanksgiving turky,So I took a small hot soak break and did a minimal size course.I stress that I stopped moving to start my cure.I am only self employed and had done some work and money ahead,or so I thought at the time.I do not believe I can go back to my same job and stay uninjured.The wrist brace is a nice idea,but a joke to rely on completly.Injury after 5 years part time for this job.Tested myself on some twisting,pressing, torque job strains and it threw my wrist again 30%bad after 20 minutes.

Hi Mike and OTHERS.
There is a clinic, with many imitators (because it works), that /reverses/cures/etc. Carpal T., Arthritis and many, many other problems. My nephew worked there and he was AMAZED. They can even work with you long distance. Look up on the internet 'Pete Egoscue' . Good luck.

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