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Re: 2Fingers & hand TINGLES/NUMB

Re: 2Fingers & hand TINGLES/NUMB

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Posted by THANKS DIANE on December 14, 2000 at 16:31:35:

In Reply to: Re: 2Fingers & hand TINGLES/NUMB posted by Diane on December 12, 2000 at 19:45:51:

: : Can some one please offer me any helpfull advice ?
: : Today i had an E M G ,(both ,needles and electrodes)
: : done on me because for 2 months now ,my ring &little finger aswell as the lower half of my left hand have felt as if there was "pins and needles'The doctor said i have SERVERE damage to my ulner nerve, probobly from either "sleeping on my arm"or "leaning on my elbow" ,
: : (the later makes sense as i do lean on my elbow while i'm on the computer)My problem is i'm a professional guitarist,and the doctor couldn't tell me how long i might suffer with this. (i can no longer play)he has also instructed me to have a blood test , and asked if i was a diabetic.Now i'm really afraid there might be something else it may be, something BAD . Any related experiences and advice would be VERY MUCH APPRICIATED.
: : THANKS, John Marlow ,[email protected]

: hi john yes it sounds like cutital tunnel to me cause i also had it.....mine started in may of 99 had the surgery in sept99 was in so much pain could'nt even crumpal a peice of newspaper in left hand....are you having pain in the hand yet? don't yet it go on for long because... if the nerve gets badly damaged it may not come back...i was luckly cause when the dr. did the surgery he said the nerve was pretty as been a little over a year now....only have slight numbness in pinky now... no pain....unless i over use the arm i'm fine if i over it it i sometimes have the numbness up to my elbow and the hand and arm hurt otherwise it is doing okay...see i have permanent damage to the nerve..and it was only seven months from when it started to the see what i am saying about not letting it go to long...if you do have to have the surgery...i hope you come out sas good has i did...good luck to you ...diane

Diane , i have no pain at all , the numbness(although annoying) i can put up with , but i would dearly love to have full movement back.I mean ,i can move my little finger but it won't go precisly where i want it to go on the guitar fret board. It won't PRESS down , its got no strengh when i try to press down .are there any tips you can pass on to me Diane ,My nuroligist has just told me to come back in 2 months , also says that i should GUARD my elbow and try to exercise the left hand ,I suppose his is hoping for regeneration .Do you think i should just have surgery A S A P. ?thanks for replying Diane .
john marlow .

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