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Re: Failed CTS surgery or something else????

Re: Failed CTS surgery or something else????

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Posted by liz on December 16, 2000 at 17:20:54:

In Reply to: Re: Failed CTS surgery or something else???? posted by Carol L on September 23, 2000 at 15:32:22:

: : I have had CTS symptoms prior to a job that I took last year. It never interfered with my performing my work duties. I got laid off and sought other employment making handmade (and I mean handmade) soap for a company. About the fourth month into my employment there my hands started swelling , especially the knuckle of my middle finger on my right hand. My hands hurt so bad that I could not perform my work duties completely. My fingers , hands , wrists and forearm were in agony. I ended up quitting my job. A month prior to my quitting I had gone to my Dr who set up an appointment for me to have a EMG. Results were positive bilaterally. I filed a worker's comp case and it went forward and surgery was approved. I had the right hand done first (which is the worst evebn though I am left handed). The numbness and tingling went away immediately. Here it is 7 weeks after surgery and the ache , pain and swelling are still present and getting worse. 10 days after surgery when the stitches were removed , the surgeon told me I could return to work. I went and got a second opinion but none of these Dr's want to go against the other. The second said that my pain was not "normal" but would not elaborate. He also said the he did not agree with me returning to work so soon and that he would deem me partially disabled. I am beside myself. The surgeon that performed the edioscopic release is out of the country on vacation so I can't see him till October. I don't know if the surgery was a failure or there is something else wrong here.
: : I wear an ace bandage on my wrist because the splint causes it to hurt worse. Compression , heat and elevation seem to be the only things that help. Sorry so long winded here , but like many of the people that have posted here I am very frustrated. Mostly at the surgeon because he seems to be so indifferent to the situation. In the meantime I am supposed to find a job. All I have ever done is manufacturing and foodservice. Who is going to hire me with the state that my hands are in ? Thank you for listening. I would appreciate any input anyone has. You can even email me personally if you would like.
: : :-)~~~~~Vickie
: : [email protected]

: well, i had surgery done on both my hands and felt relief immediately..there is no way i would have been able to go back to work right after...unfortunately,it takes a full year to tell if it really worked or not. there will still be pain and some swelling after a couple of weeks so that is normal...i couldn't fully use my hands at that point, some doctor are uncle had it done and he had this little cut. I questioned my doctor and he said he does a bigger cut so he can SEE what he is doing and not rely on a scope or whatever they use....good luck and dont give up.

: Carol L
i had surgery two years ago and i still have weakness in my hands(had on both hands) it took me 6 months to return to work and i still hurt but like the other lady said it takes about a year for pain to go away. good luck,ps workman comp. should be paying you until you get better. if not get a lawyer i did. liz.

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