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carpal tunnel - RSD - severe cases..anyone know of it travelling from the fingers all the way up to the neck???

carpal tunnel - RSD - severe cases..anyone know of it travelling from the fingers all the way up to the neck???

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Posted by Christine on December 17, 2000 at 16:44:01:

I was diagnosed with Carpal Tunnel in April of 98, I had the decompression surgery in October of 98, and at the follow up appointment with the surgion in November had a severe onset of pain in my neck. So much so that I went to the emergency department at the hospital the night before because I thought I broke my neck. The surgeon suggested that I see a neurologist for a full neurological work-up. The waiting list to see this guy was extremely long in the meanwhile I started getting more pain pretty much everywhere up my arm from my fingers up to my neck. The shoulder was really bad. I ended up getting two sets of cortizone shots in my shoulder (six months apart) and my shoulder "collapsed". The pain never went away and when I did finally see the neurologist I tested positive on the EMG for severe carpal tunnel again. I had lost the range of motion in my wrist.(it would bend forwards but not backwards even with force) The neurologist said at that point that I had developed RSD (Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy) as a result of the carpal tunnel.(apparently this is quite common, although I was never told of this being a common side effect, nor did I ever see it on the internet as being a side effect..although when I looked up RSD on the internet if does list carpal tunnel as being a cause of RSD)Anyways, I am looking for someone who has some knowledge of this connection (carpal tunnel - RSD) and I am also wondering if anyone knows if it is possible for the carpal tunnel to cause pain all the way into my neck...??!!?? I know that the median nerve runs from your neck to your fingertips, but isn't carpal tunnel just in the wrist? Or can it affect other areas of the arm as well?? Especially the shoulder... Could this all be related? And how about the pain? I have the numbness and tingles, but that is not restricted to just my fingers, I have it in other areas of my arm and shoulder, and sometimes burning pain in place of the numbness and tingles... Anyone with any answers please contact me, I am desperate for information... I have a NEL appointment next week for the carpal tunnel with Workmans Compensation and I really wish I had more information before I go to this appointment....

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