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Re: Carpal Tunnel

Re: Carpal Tunnel

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Posted by julianne on February 13, 2000 at 05:36:57:

In Reply to: Carpal Tunnel posted by Jeff on February 12, 2000 at 23:55:32:

: Hello, My name is Jeff and I am almost 26. I have the beginnings of Carpal Tunnel. This is no real surprize to me because I use my hands all day at work as an electricain and I enjoy alot of outdoor activities like rock and ice climbing. My doc says that I am really to young to have the surgery but he also says that at this point I have no nerve or muscle damage and with the way mine is progressing in a few years I may develope permanent damage. This already has interfered with my work abilities and has lowered my confidence in climbing and aiding others in climbing. I am affraid that if I get the surgery that it will return and I know once a surgery is done once the second time is more difficult and less sucessful. I have tried the braces with little affect. I love my work and more my hobbies. I think if I want to continue my lifestyle I have to have it done. But I don't want to jump the gun and get it done too soon. If anyone has anything to tell me, good or bad I would love to hear it. I like to have as much information about something before I make my decisions.
: Thank you, Jeff

Hi Jeff,
I'm 34 and have been through a horrible ordeal with CTS. Although the Dr. I had was excellent
and well known in many parts of the world I did not go ahead with the surgery. I type a lot
at my job and I like my work as well. My bigger concern was that which allows my most
enjoyment... my hobbies. I love crafts of all kinds including making intricate jewelry,
ceramics, sewing, painting, and baking homemade breads. I'm doing fine now but I've had
many sleepless nights due to pain that radiated through my arms. Shock like jolts could
happen to me at any move and I could feel the exact path they had taken through my arms.
When I finally did get sleep I would wake up and both of my arms would be completely numb.
Feeling would slowing creep back into them and that was painful too. It also gets scary when
you can't even hold a mug by the large handles they have. What I did, as it seems
you may be doing is I took my own poll. I asked many questions of people who had the
surgery and many were unhappy with the results. Of course there were a few who were glad
they did. I couldn't imagine not having full use of my hands. I purchased some books from
the health food store and went to the library for information (I didn't have access to the net
at the time). I had therapy 3 times a week. My therapist gave me exercises to do during
the day on my breaks at work and I wore the braces at night, all night, every night. My real
progress began when I started taking vitamin B-6. I'm not exactly sure of the role it plays
in your system but if I recall correctly it aids in rebuilding damaged nerve tissue. You might
want to look up some information on it. Be sure to talk it over with your doctor before
you try anything of course. I'm writing a book here so I'll just say that it's been 5 years and
I'm doing well. I must add that I was able to take 2 months off of work when it got really bad
but in the long run I'm happy to have made the choices I did. Once surgery, there is no
going back. Well wishes in the search for the right answer for you,

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