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Not Sure If I Have CTS ?

Not Sure If I Have CTS ?

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Posted by John on February 25, 2000 at 01:43:07:

I have been suffering with pain in my right wrist for about 7 months now. I was using a pressure washer for about 6-7 hours straight. My hand was tingley for hours afterward. Since that day my wrist has constantly been in pain. It hurts to move it around,or when I bump it on something. I have no tingling sensations now , nor do I have any of the numbness in my hand or fingers that I've read about from some of the other messages. I also do not have any severe pain at night, it does bother me more when I over work it though.I also don't have the strength in my hand that I did before... Ice (after work)with Ibuprofen all day helps. I also started wearing a splint brace at night.
I have been doing research, through drkoop .com. I looked up related areas on this subject, such as Synovitis, wich is the inflamation of the synovial membrane, the layer of smooth, slippery tissue that lines the joint, surrounds tendons, and forms protective bags over bony protuberances (bursae).... can be caused by injury to a joint,( such as pressure washing vibrations?)
It also refered me to Bursitis wich is inflamation of bursa.It also can be caused by injury, and repeated friction.... (pressure washer?)
They all have the same threatment program similar to CTS....resting the wrist,splint brace, anti-inflammatory drugs,or shots & surgery.
Are all of these related to CTS or are they different all together?
I would like to know all I can on these subjects to be fully informed on them before I go to a Dr.
I will try Vit. B-6 and also Grapeseed Extract to see if that helps my condition, what ever it is?
I can't see going on like this much longer. I'am a 32 year old self-employed cabinet shop owner with no employees,so I can't take off work for any long period of 6 weeks of post surgery! On the other hand, (pardon the pun!) my work has suffered under this condition I can't grasp the tools as well and things in general are harder to do than they used too.
What's my next step? Any suggestions? Please help!!!

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